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Time Slicer

By Roger Chappell - ISBN: 9781922850003

RRP: $24.95

Time Slicer
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Author Bio

Roger Chappell was born in the English coastal town of Eastbourne. At age three he was living on the French island of Guernsey and at age five he had moved to New Zealand. By age six, his home was Tasmania, Australia. 

After finishing school, he moved to Brisbane, Queensland and in 1999, he co-created the company Media Two Web Development. He met his wife in Norway in 2006. She moved to Australia in 2007 and they married in Seattle in 2010. They had their first of three children in 2016. 

During all this time, his stories wrote themselves in his mind, until one day, they started to climb out and onto the screen.

Time Slicer

By Roger Chappell - ISBN: 9781922850003

RRP: $24.95

It's 2052.

The grains of sand still falling from his fingers now cling to each moment; their fall becoming slower with every beat that pounded his chest…

Isaac used to be an ordinary guy. 

But then things started happening, and he found he was part of an elite group of people who have the ability to time travel at will.

They call themselves 'Time Slicers'.

Isaac is different to the others. His abilities are growing stronger which help him when confronted by the 'Cleaners'.

There’s one other problem: he’s in the wrong timeline. If he doesn't find a way back, he may never be born. 

The power of a single moment holds the key to time.

“Stylish and absorbing for a sci-fi lover to immerse in and for new readers to discover a great story, well-written characters and clever thought-out plot twists. Exceptional...” Brad, Indie Book reviewer

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