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Three Sisters

By David Tooby - ISBN: 9781922444486

RRP: $30.95

Three Sisters
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Author Bio

David Tooby was born in Scotland in 1964 and migrated to Perth in 1971. He left Perth to study in the eastern states in 1983, following a period of travelling and working in various design practices David and his wife settled on the North Coast of NSW. David has four adult children and has been a director of a successful design consultancy practice for over 20 years. David started writing later in life owing to undiagnosed childhood dyslexia. He suffered poor writing and comprehension skills, so much so he failed English at school. But David has always wanted to write, and he had one good high school English experience which stuck with him. More importantly, from that experience he never forgot the joy of writing with almost complete abandon. It wasn't until his late forties that David felt ready to cast aside his childhood handicap and try his hand at writing.

Three Sisters

By David Tooby - ISBN: 9781922444486

RRP: $30.95

The scream carried on the wind, long and shrill...

Then came a second scream, this time longer, louder and no doubting the terror behind it...

In Three Sisters, Australian author, David Tooby, explores the causes and consequences of human difference: the different backgrounds, different opportunities, and different journeys that shape people and make them who they are.

Set in an idyllic North Coast town of New South Wales, the story focuses on two main characters; Jim, a complex man who has lost his wife and is consumed by grief, and Bonny, a young mother who has suffered a similar devastating loss and is left isolated and vulnerable.

Jim manages to claw himself back from the brink of suicide. But will he ever find purpose in his life again?

Bonny is inured to violence, but she has never met a man as unpredictable and brutish as one she joins for a mid-week party on an isolated beach north of town.

Their lives are thrust together when Bonny is assaulted, and Jim is compelled to intervene.

And for those that survive, things will never be the same again...

An exciting thriller from a rising talent and new Australian author in crime fiction.

"A gripping and entrancing story by an author experienced in conveying words as images and emotions that draw you into the story but more so, bring the characters out of the story into your present moments as you read... A great book and worth the read.." - Graham, Indie Books reviewer
"What I liked about this story is not only the connection to a true crime but how it showed vulnerability and how we all go through the grieving process in different ways. The story also shows the strength and weaknesses of relationships with friends and family which gives the characters more depth. The story in places in heavy with detail, and the setting where the crime took place, becomes a character too."  Wendy Haynes, Author

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