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Will her nightmare end in tragedy or resolution?

Rachel is on her property in the remoteness of the Australian outback; alone. Her husband has passed, and her estranged son who had left years ago, arrives to demand his share of his dead father’s inheritance. Rachel is terrified of him and his threats are not to be dismissed with mere insolence of his parents. She is very frightened of him and then suspicious of him, when she finds the dead body of a stranger in her creek and is afraid it is linked to him.

She calls the police. She meets the new police sergeant, Mike, and he befriends her with a new and enticing friendship that Rachel finds refreshing. Then her dog dies and Rachel knows there is more than meets the eye to the events surrounding circumstances. With Mike confronting her son, and a gun fight ensuing with the motorbike gang, she must protect the ones she loves even if it means breaking their hearts in the process...

No one knows how alone Rachel’s heart truly is…

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Why you wrote this book - what were your inspirations?

I was in Longreach on holiday and met a charming  recently retired Brahman cattle breeder and his wife. They were both missing their animals and found it strange living near people .  That set me thinking about the isolation and the necessary strength of character people need who live on properties like the one I have portrayed. It developed from that conversation into this book.


How did you decide on the characters in the book?


There had to be a more interesting element than merely being alone and fear is a very strong emotion.


What drew you to the subject matter or the characters? 

There always seem to be something on the news about drug gangs and this seemed to be an ideal vehicle to carry the story along


What was the biggest challenge when writing the book?

Making sure I made it believable.


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