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A Lavender Affair

By Marian French - ISBN: 9781922444998

RRP: $38.95

A Lavender Affair
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Author Bio

As a small girl, growing up in the countryside on the outskirts of Sydney's urban sprawl, Marian French was obsessed with all forms of plant life and the critters that lived amongst the foliage, large and small. The care and nurturing of gardens have been her passion, becoming a beekeeper later in life is no surprise, and in addition to this, a reptile handler for Wires Central Coast. Her involvement in Environmental and Heritage issues in the community has been in the forefront through her life. During the trials of renovating her Australian home and building her love of gardens, Marian wrote and created A Lavender Affair.

A Lavender Affair

By Marian French - ISBN: 9781922444998

RRP: $38.95

The secrets and life of this ancient flower.

A delightfully illustrated book on the cultivation of the genus Lavendula; its varied uses both medicinally and in the perfume and beauty trade.

Created by Marian as not just a reference book for gardeners but also for those looking to understand and evoke a complete way of natural living, free of chemicals, and being able to use lavender as it is shown in the recipes within.

'A gardening book, yes,' Marian explains. 'but with interspersed stories and trials that were encountered as we restored a derelict farmhouse and establish a flower farm. Along the way, we met with tentative locals, dealt with perverse builders and ventured into beekeeping!'

A Lavender Affair is part journal, part gardening book that unpacks the authors experience of moving from the city to the countryside to develop a Lavender farm and specialist nursery.

As lived through the late 1970's, Marian weaves a narrative amongst valuable tips on how to grow, care and use lavender in your garden. Written in a warm conversational style of great Australian memoirs and found to be quite handy for all herb and plant enthusiasts who would love to have this wonderful book in their collection.

"A glorious expression of personal investment and dedication to the love of nature and to living a life of the utmost truth to oneself; it is magical and beautiful and an affair to be enjoyed and cherished for future generations to come..." - Noleen, Indiebook reviewer.

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