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This book will change everything! 

Follow this inspirational guidance to discover what
you will do to transform from a worrier to a WARRIOR…

Rhett integrates an incredible wealth of knowledge, encompassing ancient Eastern healing, academic research, and real-life experience, to coach you step-by-step in achieving emotional, financial and career freedom; attaining purpose and self-confidence and also having powerful, connected relationships while gaining the knowledge and courage to redefine the optimal version of yourself. 

The Eternal Warrior’s Smile is the answer to many questions, like “is there more to life?” Or thoughts of - “What if?” 

Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself “I wish I had the courage to do that?” Well, what’s stopping you?  

What are you worried about?

This book gives you the tools to remove limitations, be active in your existence, ignite your belief in yourself and know it is you controlling your destiny.  As your optimal inner being reawakens, you will be transformed and no longer be cocooned by self-imposed limiting beliefs or a false reality, but be renewed by possessing inspiration, authenticity and The “Warrior” mindset, able to master your complete being. You will become the Warrior, by being able to -

•    Discover the four elements of the awakening process
•    Eliminate all fear with one simple technique
•    Understand the universe and where you are
•    Understand thoughts, emotions, intentions, and feelings and how they influence everything that we are connected to...
•    And more…!

Enjoy the first book in the suite and dare to be the eternal warrior and achieve the eternal warrior’s smile.

“Rhett Ogston just turns the light on inside your head. I can’t believe how inspiring or willing to share he is. He’s changed my life for the better forever…” Ross, A Warrior

“Rhett can bring me to tears. His love, sharing and compassion is so inspiring to me. This world needs more people like him. People who truly care about anybody and everything and treat everybody equally, no matter where you are in your life or what you've been through! He is a true inspiration…Big Love…” Lee, A Warrior


A Conversation with Rhett.


What are your qualifications in writing a book of this nature?


Well, to name a few…


B.Sc (Hons) (Melbourne University)

B.App.Sc Chinese Medicine (RMIT)

B.App.Sc Human Biology (RMIT)

Clinical Internship (Jiangsu Provincial Hospital China)

Clinical Internship (First Affiliated Hospital China)

Adv. Dip Health Sciences (massage)

Adv. Dip Health Sciences (counselling)

Adv. Dip Health Sciences (aromatherapy)

Adv. Certified FlameTree Instructor

Certified FlameTree Instructor

Adv. Certified FlameTree Healer

Certified FlameTree Healer

Certified Adv. Bodytalk practitioner

Certified BodyTalk practitioner

Certified Animal talk practitioner

Breakthrough practitioner

Cert IV Training and Assessment

Cert IV Small Business Management

Cert IV Life Coach (LCA)

Cert III in Micro Business Operations

Access Technician

Reiki Practitioner (III) (Usui Shiki Kyoto)

IPL Technician



What has been the best response you have had from your clients to your methods?

I have been blessed with wonderful support from my followers who have to date, put me forward to be the Australian of the Year nominee 5 times. I am very honoured to have even been considered for this opportunity.

What were your inspirations for writing this book?

I was inspired to write this book because as a young boy growing up in rural Victoria, I observed that most children emulated their parents and repeated essentially the parent’s lives. I wondered if there could be a way that people who had become stuck in life would be able to easily and quickly set themselves free from their past indoctrination or any other issues that prevented them from discovering their true purpose and living life optimally. All of the education that I undertook was directed towards understanding every aspect of a human being so that I could develop applications which when utilised radically and dramatically transformed the person’s ability to develop themselves personally and their health. I believe we all deserve to live a happy life with the absolute best from ourselves.

What was the biggest challenge when writing the book?

Integrating traditional healing systems, western biology and organ transplants into a universal theory of everything that worked to explain some of most compelling questions of our time and then putting those universal theories into layman terms to make the book reach a wide and varied audience who can find and benefit from my wisdom's and knowledge.


For whom did you write it and why?

All people who want to be their absolute best, for anyone who has ever known that they were put here for more than just working a 9-5 and paying bills; for everyone who has ever dreamed of a better life but didn’t know how to get there.

Rediscover who you really are, leaving behind something for nothing, self-imposed limiting beliefs, laziness, blame, fear and overcome limiting beliefs, lack of mentality, worrier mindset, fear induced mindset. Know the science behind changing your genetics for healthy gene expression, mind control of genes, and how telomeres can lead to extended cell life.


Eliminate fear with a simple technique, understand the universe and how it explains where you are at in terms of energetic, how your thoughts, emotions, intentions, feelings influence your cells/genetics/neural connections. How you, your identity and how you are formed relate to organ transplant, traditional healing systems and western biology and know an integration of all of these so we know where ‘you’ reside with cognitive resonance and coherence. Simply and easily redefine you by Being, why the law of attraction doesn’t work but the law of creation does, how cell membrane resonance influences your feelings, thoughts, perceptions.

How you should use the 4 W’s to revolutionise every decision you make, learn the 3 steps for effectively communicating your needs, know the effect of you, and your thoughts on your life, where thoughts actually come from (hint; it’s not inside your brain), how our beliefs influence your perception of the world, duality and its influences, the 18 common filters that impact your life that create diffusing and arming signals.

How your thought vibrations, thought waves and their process of regeneration, the benefits of pessimistic thinking. Eliciting change and how to find the optimal you with 2 simple 3 step process changing you from sympathetic to parasympathetic state, reaction to response, and be in the driver seat. Be unreasonable and how it will benefit your life, including the 8 tenets of a real relationship, unreasonable love, unreasonable loves impact on your cell states, and how to accomplish been part of a real relationship including how to communicate it to your partner. Hints and tips to be the warrior and always be the blue stool. Transform from being a worrier to being a warrior and revolutionise your life, health, genetics, diet and lifestyle, relationships and live optimally. Live purposefully.

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