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Egg In Your Pants

By Jay Bird - Illustrated By M. K Perring - ISBN: 9781922851260

RRP: $24.95

Egg In Your Pants
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Author Bio

Jay Bird found her wings a couple of years ago and hasn’t stopped flying since. A teacher of twenty-two years, she is motivated to inspire more than just the students she teaches face-to-face. When she is not writing, or hanging with family, Jay Bird, runs, hikes, gardens, reads, creates and sells beautiful creations of crystals, lights and wood under the name, Jay Bird Creator. 

She loves volcanoes and is currently planning which one to hike next. Jay Bird has composed lots of music for children and schools and you can find some of her work on YouTube under KJ Compositions. The worst song she ever wrote, Dinosaurs Lived Long Ago, has nineteen million views. Jay Bird has written many original shows and performed in children’s entertainment groups.  

She likes to travel to interesting places and hopes to have published seven books before turning fifty.  

Egg In Your Pants

By Jay Bird - Illustrated By M. K Perring - ISBN: 9781922851260

RRP: $24.95

It’s complicated having freakish abilities.

Yushan, Adira and Lucas struggle to hide their secrets 
and to put their powers to good use.

Yushan lays eggs. He doesn’t want to; it just happens and it’s difficult to deal with.

Adira reads minds. She’s meant to help the people she hears, but instead, Adira helps herself.

Lucas sends people to sleep with vibrations he creates while singing. 
Lucas wishes that his power was more impressive.

When Yushan starts a podcast, the three finally have the chance to talk about their abilities.

Destiny brought them together. Now, anything can happen…

*Age recommended 8 to 12 years old

"An exploration of imagination and being special in ways we do not often see in ourselves... Very clever and worth the read..." Patricia, Indie Book reviewer 




Growing up in England I loved reading and drawing! I was inspired by Roald Dahl, especially my favourite of his books 'The Witches', to keep making creative stories and drawing interesting characters.

Moving to Australia was a huge cultural shift for me, but I made new friends and kept being creative. I didn't always know what to pursue in life, but I had to create, I loved art. I studied films, animation, graphic design and illustrations. I became a jack of all trades!

It wasn't easy to follow my dreams, but I stayed positive, believed in myself, and listen to those who believed in me too. Now, making beautiful illustrations and working with all kinds of authors is a dream come true, and only the start of my adventure.



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