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Temporal Boom

By J.M. Voss - ISBN: 9781922993717

RRP: $46.95

Temporal Boom
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Author Bio

J.M. Voss is a typical Melbourne-dwelling coffee snob, professional mad scientist, former dinosaur-obsessed child, and enjoyer of weird art and genre fiction. She started writing when she was eleven years old and hasn’t been able to stop since. Temporal Boom is her first published novel. 

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Temporal Boom

By J.M. Voss - ISBN: 9781922993717

RRP: $46.95

Thirty years ago, the world ended.

Not everyone, however, got the memo…

The nation formerly known as Australia struggles on, its barren red lands stalked by eleven beings of strange and anomalous power, known as the Portents.

Their very existence defies all science. A trail of brutal and inexplicable deaths follows those who encounter them.

Quinn Kelly got too close to a Portent once and survived, although the run-in has left her permanently altered.

When Quinn begins to display an affinity for time, there are many who would stop at nothing to use her for their own ends.

Quinn, however, would much rather use her preternatural powers to start a punk band – and there is no man, woman, nor overzealous cyborg detective on Earth who can stop her!

“A fantastic romp of sci-fi comedy that delights in its fresh voice and riveting plot…” Allan, Readalot reviewer

"My go-to is not usually SciFi, especially when there are horror scenes, but the cover of Temporal Boom perfectly captures the mood of this rollicking, beautifully written story by J.M. Voss and likely to find fans among both teenagers and adults. I was hooked after I read the first couple of pages.

Temporal Boom finds us in the year 2082. Australia is the last nation standing. The rest of the world has been obliterated by unreality ‘portents’. Mildura has recently vanished and a cyborg detective investigates. Noise attracts the ‘portents’ so authorities have ordered sign language be used outdoors and have banned music completely. Ordinary people can be protected by ‘relics’: valuable Aussie icons providing delightfully fun scenes, for example, the local sin-seekers (police) hanging old AFL footy scarves out the windows of their vehicle as they chase a sinner; packets of Timtams used like armour. But the female teen hero of this story is not an ordinary person and has other ways of protecting herself and others. Quinn leads us on an odyssey to save the world as we cheer her on.

Temporal Boom could be read as a clever and entertaining allegory of our current world: the climate change existential crisis; the crazy Trumpian/AI world where lies and unreality threaten the very fabric of shared truth and reality; authoritarian silencing of the population as the brutal option chosen to ‘protect’ people while killing the populace’s very humanity; and an awareness that our world has taken a very wrong right turn and the solution might lie in revaluing aspects of our past, the quintessential glory of music and human creation.

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of Temporal Boom." Susie Allanson, Author


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