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Shadow of the Nightingale

By Anthony Kearle - ISBN: 9781923101142

RRP: $56.95

Shadow of the Nightingale
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Author Bio

Anthony is an Australian author who discovered his passion for writing while studying graphic design at Federation University. Being passionate about history and grounded fantastical worlds; creating a map in class started him down the rabbit hole that is world-building. A story soon followed. While working full time and doing some freelance design work on the side, he decided to pursue his writing career. When not working and writing, Anthony enjoys hiking and investing time in both sports and esports alike.

Shadow of the Nightingale

By Anthony Kearle - ISBN: 9781923101142

RRP: $56.95

The spear of Durandail has been recovered.

Birds have flown from Rovira and the call has been answered.

The armies of faith march north.

Lukas Raynor returns to his homeland to face the wrath of Dorian. The world changes when he meets his brother atop the ruins of a sundered village, a place that will change the fortunes of both.

Earl Magnus is dead. Astrid Farrin denies the wishes of her people and refuses his crown. The passage to the uncharted south is open and its mysteries call to her. To discover what lies beyond the Empire’s borders, ships are made ready and a path is charted for a journey that will become legend.

Kitara is in chains, bound for Empire and a life of servitude. Alone, save for a small company of Salvaari prisoners, Kitara must use every skill she possesses to survive this torment. The mercenary Bellec enlists the aid of Sakkar Alsahra and the moonseer Aeryn to hunt those who enslaved his daughter. To do so, they must cross the entire breadth of Medea, Annora and Larissa as those nations prepare for war.

In the wake of great tragedy Sir Kyler Landrey and his mentor ride for Elara. Their quarry: a shadow of the past. They are greeted by a new hell. The great trading Empire is under siege. While at war with the Sacasian pirates, Elara has become a powder keg. The oppressed lower districts have been left further and further behind by those east of the river. Gangs stir in the Pits and resentment towards the magister grows by the day.

This war in the shadows pales in the face of a rising nightmare. The Nightingale. A demon to the wealthy, a burning brand to the poor. Corruption. Betrayal. Murder. Secrets.

Elara is ready to fall.

“A true epic of story and characters that rival the greats of fantasy literature… A brilliant stitching of all elements to engage and enthrall on every page as the darkness ascends and the good hearted are challenged at every turn. Wonderful work...” Drew, Readalot Magazine reviewer

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