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Opening Doors

By Yvonne Fogarty - ISBN: 9781922850416

RRP: $36.95

Opening Doors
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Author Bio

Yvonne was born in Perth, WA. Yvonne worked in the computer field before opening her own consultancy company, specialising in analysing and developing workflow systems for businesses. Her natural gifts of cognitive visions, clairvoyance and healing slowly unfolded and she found her intuitive awareness became an asset in helping people she connected with. Yvonne wrote her book from her learnings and her passions for the universal message.

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Opening Doors

By Yvonne Fogarty - ISBN: 9781922850416

RRP: $36.95

Opening Doors is also about stepping through them to find the truth…

Yvonne is guided by The Voice as she embarks on a long journey from fear and confusion toward trust and acceptance. She learns to value the use of her gifts for the emotional and physical healing of herself and others.

Woven seamlessly through the narrative are practical tips for self-development and stories from the lives of people she has helped. Filled with a combination of Yvonne’s visions and experiences, it offers an insight into the lives of Yvonne, the many she teaches and even your own.

Get ready to take your own step forward with this teaching of spiritual guidance and empowerment.

"An enlightened work of thoughts and experiences that may serve all who are seeking more of themselves within…" Tabitha, Indie Books reviewer

"Moving, thought provoking and enormously insightful, Yvonne’s book has captured me. Read it and you will benefit." Margot Storer

"Narrated with an appealing voice that is laced with humour, Opening Doors is a compellingly honest account of Yvonne’s life and the courageous journey she has taken in order to accept and properly utilise the great gifts she was born with." Dr Rosie Dub

"Instinctively with every page I read in 'Opening Doors - The Enormity of Us', by Yvonne Fogarty, I knew that my friend, and my Reiki Master, was reopening my path so I could return home to my inner truths. Each of Yvonne’s heartfelt chapters brought me to fresh tears; some were tears of recognition of a personal journey, tears of acknowledgment of our fears and setbacks, tears of understanding of what we each possess inside our very being to help guide us, and mostly tears of happiness and joy and love for this woman who inspires me and always will be my mentor. With Yvonne’s endearing wit and humor as her book unfolded before me, I smiled and chuckled, as I heard the voice of a lady who is human, like any of us, and that felt so great to know that in being so human, I am not alone. I will carry many things with me from reading Yvonne’s book, but one of the most important messages for me at this time of my life is now my new mantra, 'If our concscious awareness is not fully NOW HERE present within us, it is NO WHERE, to be able to fully support us.' Thanks my friend, for writing your inspiring story." Deborah Shucart

"I found upon reading Yvonne Fogarty’s book Opening Doors The Enormity Of Us, is packed with words of wisdom, some that had an immediate impact, while others planted seeds that leapt off the page into my heart, just waiting for the right time to share their message. This book is a story of one woman’s journey through life to embrace her psychic gifts, overcoming deep traumas and insecurities on the way, while showing how courage, an open heart and a willingness to learn can pave the way to comfort, peace and love.  It is a guidebook that whispers to your soul, encouraging you to take in the energies that stir your own deep, muddy waters, so you too can find comfort, peace and love.  Read Opening Doors from cover to cover to see the overall picture, then just open a page and see what message resonates with you at the moment. You may well find that there are seeds of knowledge just waiting to bloom into understandings and realisations that show you how to let go of emotions that have been holding you down in life, thus opening your own doors for you." Amanda O’Connor, London U.K.

"Yvonne reminds me of a beautiful lotus flower that has grown up from the mud. The mud represents her experiences as a child, and even before birth, that caused her so much pain and self-loathing. This book is the remarkable story of how she rose above these challenges and was able to tap into her amazing gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and insight in order to heal herself and change her life. Not only did she change her own life but also those of many other people with whom she came in contact. Yvonne writes straight from the heart, exposing all of her vulnerabilities and sharing the details of her experiences and innermost feelings. Her story of perseverance in overcoming her fears and challenges will be an inspiration for all readers of her book ‘Opening Doors The Enormity Of Us'." Marilyn Ardipradja, Melbourne Australia

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