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Pantheon of Life

By Jade Andrews - ISBN: 9781923101371

RRP: $32.95

Pantheon of Life
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Author Bio

Jade Andrews has a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Master of Arts, majoring in creative and professional writing. Her area of study focused on the societal influence on genre classification, specifically within the distinction of young adult, adult, fantasy and romance. 

Fascination with Greek mythology prompted Jade’s interest in writing The Pantheon Collection but the desire to explore family and relationship dynamics in the theoretical world of magic and immortality was the more significant factor that shaped Jade’s debut fantasy novel.

Pantheon of Life

By Jade Andrews - ISBN: 9781923101371

RRP: $32.95

Cast down from Olympus for a crime she did not commit, goddess Azraelle finds herself powerless amongst the mortal kingdom.

Once Death’s dealing hand, now with no powers to her name, Azraelle is faced for the first time with an uncertain fate. With Olympus in pursuit and no way of returning home, she must seek help within the mortal realm for her protection and those whose deaths she foresees.

The mortal prince, Xadrion, has spent his life unfulfilled but honour bound. When a wounded Azraelle falls in his path his fate is forever altered.

She was raised for war; he for peace. Will her darkness take him to a point of no return or will his desire for peace shatter her millennium long preparation for war?

Destiny will call for Azraelle and Xadrion, and when it does, they must give everything to meet its demand or witness the reign of fire and terror.

"I have never been interested or invested in reading a novel portraying the ‘gods’ until settling down with Pantheon of Life. As an avid reader of fantasy I was excited to get my mitts on this and dive right in… and I dove hard. I devoured this, I ate it up and I licked my fingers clean.
Andrews characterisation of her main characters made it feel as though you knew them, every inch of them. You felt, knew and wanted to have the friendship they created for themselves, you felt their anger and frustration, you were there when they made their self discoveries, you were also peeking in during the incredibly well written spice scenes (oh that spice #blushing), you felt their hopefulness and also their hopelessness, you felt every blow that was dealt, and you felt that ending deep in your soul. That’s how a writer captivates an audience and for me this is what ‘Pantheon of Life’ gave me.
I hope that Book Two is in the works as I need to know what happens next." @aihmee_lou, Instagram book reviewer

“The only thing wrong with this book is it being the first part of a series and having to wait for the next one – AAARRGH! Brilliant and fresh and a well-executed plot and setting… Wonderful characters who walk the fine line of their powers and weaknesses, who I resonated with even with the fantasy setting. A RAVE for all to read!” Bryn, Readalot reviewer


2024 QLD Literary Award Pantheon of LIfe

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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