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Fresh from the Dust

By Dorothy Holmes - ISBN: 9781922993489

RRP: $56.95

Fresh From the Dust
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Author Bio

Having an unusual history, yet a positive outlook, Dorothy has many experiences to draw on to satisfy her high level of creativity. She was a substitute teacher at age twelve, an accountant at age seventeen, excelled in postgraduate nursing in four areas, an artist winning many prizes, art teacher, violin teacher, played the violin, viola and mandolin in several orchestras, established four organisations and created and sold language products. Dorothy volunteered as a counsellor to prisoners and has been a public speaker and preacher. Dorothy has been in extreme danger several times, but through faith, has been miraculously spared. 

Fresh from the Dust

By Dorothy Holmes - ISBN: 9781922993489

RRP: $56.95

An enriching and detailed story of people striving to survive…

Fresh from the Dust transports us into the West Australian outback during the early stages of the Second World War, where Steve Robinson has had a severe blow to his head, causing amnesia and epilepsy. This tragic event spurs painful consequences for himself and his family.

Steve’s wife, Irene, does her best to carry on, but finds herself caught between her husband who is now a different person since the accident, and the diverse range of people she encounters while she navigates her way through the western side of Australia.

Steve’s accident sets off a chain of events that makes Fresh from the Dust an enriching and detailed story that runs deep with an array of complex characters.

Reader Reviews:

"Fresh from the Dust by Dorothy Holmes is an excellent read about a family in rural Western Australia starting from early WW2 to 1960s following Irene’s struggles after her husband Steve’s personality change due to an unfortunate accident. The story holds the reader captivated and spurs one on until the next surprising turn of events. The author portrays each unique character with depth and feeling. With episodes of charm and humour, delightful gems of wise reproof, unfolding amazing achievements through poverty and personal struggles. The main theme, the thread of faith, keeps this family strong, and together with the miraculous makes this book a great read. I would give it ten out of ten." Alexandrina Foley.

“A modern classic of Australian outback life and struggles in a difficult period… Great work...” Donna, Indie Book reviewer

"Thanks so much Dorothy. Every night I reward me with reading your book, after I have done my duties. So hard to stop. I love this pioneering stories." Barbara B.

"I've read your book 3 times and want to read it again. It's a great read." Roger W.

"I love it so much, I can't put it down. It's brilliantly written. I've bought 4 copies for friends." Alex F.

"I loved it. Loved it. I tried to send a review but I couldn't find any places to send one." Jeanette M.

"Fresh from the Dust: Captivating and educational. A novel about life in Western Australia in days gone by. The author beautifully expresses the characters' innermost struggles, joys, and hardships along the way. It will keep you intrigued and not wanting to put it down!" Annette N.

"Congratulations Dorothy. I read the story before it was published. I'm honoured to have a printed copy." Barbara R.

"You're an excellent writer. Such a moving story. There's a section in the book where some words from other languages are used. I'm not into languages other than English but I read on and realised what a emotive story it is." Ruth D.

"Heh, your story's great. Congrats." John H.

"Mum bought me a copy. I'm reading it every night. I'm buying another copy to give to an interesting person. I'll keep you posted about that. I'm half way through and think it's great." Robert G.


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