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By Kim Winter - ISBN: 9781922993403

RRP: $36.95

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Author Bio

Born in the Kosciusko mountains, Kim started reading early and has never stopped. She developed a love of horses and nature at a young age.

Kim enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden, cursing her few sheep, spoiling the horses and going bush with a camera.


By Kim Winter - ISBN: 9781922993403

RRP: $36.95




Matty's life has been shaped by various experiences that have influenced his character and outlook.

Growing up in the rugged outback, he faced the challenges of droughts, fires and navigating a diverse culture.

His cherished bond with his horse, Cedar, epitomizes his existence and brings him true happiness as he rides through the vast bush with his closest friends.

However, his tranquil life is abruptly interrupted by the outbreak of World War I, which creates his need for a new maturity amongst the conflict of battle.

The scars of these battles result in significant loss and propel him on a journey of self-discovery with a newfound purpose that he had never imagined before.

Cedar is a compelling work of fiction that takes readers on an emotional journey through the complexities of human relationships, the power of love and the courage to face adversity.

"Five stars! I am in awe of the amount of research that must have gone into the writing of this book. The battles in Egypt and France are well documented but the way this is written is almost as if the author was there at the time. I also found it an immensely sad story. Even when the three boys were children there was this underlying sense of sadness for Eiliza who had lost babies. It tells the tale of three boys - Matty, son of the station owner, Jack, who is adopted when his father is drowned in the river and Sammy whose family live by the river and are treated well. The three of them work and play and learn together. So the first part of the book is very much about growing up on a remote cattle station and about this special horse Cedar that is Matty’s right from when she is born. The two of them form an unbreakable bond. The 1st World War looms it's ugly head and as a reader I found it quite harrowing reading. The story is raw and uncompromising. The end is surprising and though a satisfactory one isn’t the happiest one either. I think this is a great book and well done to Kim. Well written and researched." Gillian Wells, Australian author

“A delicate and moving tale of mateship and hardship in a time of amazing courage and resilience our world had to learn to survive… Excellent.” Colin, Indie Book reviewer


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We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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