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The Dumnonian Compass

By S B Postlewhite - ISBN: 9781922444776

RRP: $24.95

The Dumnonian Compass
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Born in Australia, Sharon moved to the UK at the age of six, where she was based until moving with her family back to Australia in 2008. Forging a love of fantasy literature and history from an early age, these elements have greatly influenced her own writing. Archaeology has been a major part of Sharon's life and her love of ancient culture and mythology can be felt in her story telling. Sharon adores her 'island life' that she now shares with her husband Andy and dog Rollo.

The Dumnonian Compass

By S B Postlewhite - ISBN: 9781922444776

RRP: $24.95

Darcy Bennett just wants to be normal. Normal clothes, normal friends, a normal life...

But between her parent's antics and the mysterious creatures that keep turning up, 'normal' is not happening for her. Darcy is the daughter of two eccentric, and obsessive archaeologists, who are so work focused, they often seem to forget she exists.

On a family holiday to Cornwall, Darcy discovers there is a task before her and it is hers alone; one that challenges her ideas about the world and more so, about herself.

In exploring the strange happenings, Darcy becomes trapped in an alternate world where the rules are vastly different from those she knows. Sent on a journey by a stranger, Darcy begins to understand that being true to herself is more important than 'fitting in', and friends can be made in the most unlikely of places.

She realises her physical journey is to find a way back home; yet her emotional discovery is to value real love, true loss and the knowing of the right things; this is the hardest path for Darcy to travel...

"A coming-of-age story blended with wonderous and enlightening places and beings that create an overall tale of enjoyment that Lewis Carroll himself would love... Well done on this exceptional book and I do look forward to continuing the story with Darcy soon..." Amanda, Indie Book reviewer

"It is wonderfully enthralling novel from the first page and paints a world that you long to visit. There are enough twists and turns to keep the pace of the plot zooming along rather nicely.

Sharon’s story was written to spark the imagination of young people and to explore some of the darker aspects of humanity, such as prejudice and intolerance. I think she did a wonderful job in portraying no matter what you look like or how you are treated; understanding, friendship and love will overcome all.

Even though this novel was written for teens it can be enjoyed by adults who have a vivid imagination and like to get lost in a fantasy world. I would love a second novel to follow on the adventures of this quirky family."  Melissat, Beauty and Lace Book Reviewer

"Once started I couldn’t put The Dumnonian Compass novel down. Darcy who is a 14 year old daughter of two very eccentric archaeologists finds herself caught in a world of magic. Different characters enter her world, or she enters their world as she gets trapped in this world far away from home. With the assistance of pixies, imps, witches, fairies and wizards they find a way to lead Darcy through their mysterious world with the added assistance of a compass. To say much more would give some of the story away but I would love to have a teenage daughter to pass this book onto. Cannot wait for another book on Darcy’s explorations. A true delight of a story."  Denise, Beauty and Lace Book Reviewer

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