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Hart - Restoring the Cinnabar

By Melva Ouliaris - ISBN: 9781922851864

RRP: $24.95

Hart - Restoring the Cinnabar
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Author Bio

Melva is a teacher of children who utilises her experiences and the understandings she gets from them to help her create.

Her ideas for stories come from all sorts of things that she comes in contact with. From the everyday to the extraordinary, she believes a story waits to be told.

Using her knowledge of the human spirit, her writing comes from deep within. It always starts off as a tiny seed which arrives as a blossom on her doorstep.

Hart - Restoring the Cinnabar

By Melva Ouliaris - ISBN: 9781922851864

RRP: $24.95

Hart is torn between her two halves…

In counsel with the mystic hag, Hart is delivered some prophetic messages and hard truths, for she knows it’s time to face her fears. One being the dragon that resides within her deepest subconsciousness. 

On one hand, Hart knows she has an obligation to her family and kingdom. She must marry to see her family happy and fulfill her role. Yet, on the other hand, Hart has been protecting the forest Cinnabar, a task only she has been deemed capable of.

When danger looms, Hart must reconcile her split within to have any hope of saving the forest and kingdom. Forced to look inward while larger prophecies are at play, will Hart rise or fall against the odds?

Can Hart carry this burden alone, as she must, or will the Cinnabar be destroyed forever?  

“An eluding fantasy of spirit and triumph while being a damn great read...” Thomas, Indie Book reviewer


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