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The Birth of Anna

By Edwin J McBride - ISBN: 9780648368656

RRP: $29.95

The Birth of Anna
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Edwin McBride was raised in Rural NSW on a large property, where many of his early years were spent alone in the vast landscape. Edwin has been writing since an early age with over 35 years of writing experience that includes fiction and Non-fiction, magazine articles, TV/radio and film screenplays, along with hundreds of blogs and website copy. A BA in Media Law and Marketing, he is a passionate creative who enjoys learning, dining out, wine appreciation and exploring the wonders of the human spirit...

The Birth of Anna

By Edwin J McBride - ISBN: 9780648368656

RRP: $29.95

On any normal day, the events of this day would be unimaginable...

Expecting parents, Michael and Michelle Armstrong, look forward to the birth of their first child, Anna, yet Michael finds himself captive to a crazed ICE addict, leaving Michelle to suffer an unexpected difficult delivery.

Braxton City is immersed in fear as a calculating killer abducts, rapes, tortures then kills young women without remorse and leaves nothing but battered corpses around the city. With each corpse more questions than answers are uncovered for the police.

Detective Paul Anderson, burdened by the case, learns of a female victim who has escaped the very serial killer they hunt, only what she knows will put her in grave danger and thrust the city into absolute shock if the truth she holds is revealed...

A complex and utterly enthralling thriller that asks a burning question...

What will happen to Anna the day she is born?

Good Reads Literary Review - The Birth Of Anna
The Birth of Anna by Edwin J McBride is a riveting crime fiction story about the violent events involving expecting parents, Michael and Michelle Armstrong. The book also follows the investigations into the abduction and murder of several girls occurring in Braxton City, which leave its residents living in fear.
As events unfold, we follow the detective assigned to the case, Paul Anderson, and several other characters that are related to each other and to the two main storylines in the narrative. Though in the beginning the connections are not apparent, they become increasingly clear by the end of the story, and this revelation, to me, was very compelling. Having multiple characters’ viewpoints in the story was an interesting way to unveil the mystery at the heart of this story. The characters are interesting and well developed, and the author certainly knows how to end a chapter to make you want to read more, and the switch in point of views in each chapter ensures readers are engaged throughout the story and get a more holistic view of events. I felt that the storyline was coherent and had a consistently high level of intrigue. I really enjoyed the slow burn style that is used at the beginning of the story, but when the revelations start happening and connections are made the pace of the story really picks up and by that time I was completely enthralled with the book. The Birth of Anna is a gripping crime fiction story that has elements of a psychological thriller mixed with a gritty detective mystery which delivers a provocative story that is immensely entertaining. This is an emotional rollercoaster that is perfect for readers who enjoy compelling drama and do not mind reading about dark but authentic aspects of life.

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