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Paper & Fire

By Edwin J McBride - ISBN: 9780648368632

RRP: $29.95

Paper andamp Fire
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Edwin McBride was raised in Rural NSW on a large property, where many of his early years were spent alone in the vast landscape. Edwin has been writing since an early age with over 35 years of writing experience that includes fiction and Non-fiction, magazine articles, TV/radio and film screenplays, along with hundreds of blogs and website copy. A BA in Media Law and Marketing, he is a passionate creative who enjoys learning, dining out, wine appreciation and exploring the wonders of the human spirit...

Paper & Fire

By Edwin J McBride - ISBN: 9780648368632

RRP: $29.95

A daughter protected from lies.
A man burdened with fear.
A family torn apart by a secret.

This complex psychological novel tells of love, loss, illness, pain, death, and the tangled web woven when people who love each other hide the truth and hold onto traumatic memories.

Moving across two generations, where love overcomes grief, damage and loneliness. A woman abandoned, a man tormented and a daughter deceived entwined in a story that has, at its heart, the life and death of a writer, and the impact his life and his writing have on his intimate circle and their connections.

A tale of gritty realism, a journey into the darker side of relationships that create disturbing psychological complexity and tension.

Good Reads Literary Review - Paper & Fire 
Paper and Fire comes from the mind of first-time author Edwin J McBride. It tells the tragic story of the Thomas family. The book begins as a tale of suspected adultery but becomes much more as a doting father is forced to leave his loving family. We watch the Thomas family pick themselves up as life throws every tribulation imaginable at them.  Paper and Fire is a story about love and loss. Mourning and struggle. But even more so it is about the resilience of those we leave behind. Paper and Fire’s main character is an author named Christian Thomas. McBride describes Thomas as an author who cares about story first. The most important thing to him is that his readers are made to feel. Thomas is an author who has little time for pretentious writing. Author Edwin McBride is the same. The writing here is descriptive and emotive without being flowery. McBride describes Thomas as “Not brilliant by critical standards yet his words had spoken to people and moved them as desired.” If I had to describe McBride’s writing, I would say the same.
Paper and Fire is a labor of love. McBride has devoted himself to making his readers feel. He wants to challenge us. The book can feel relentless at times as tragedy after tragedy is thrown at the Thomas family and the people around them. This can make for uncomfortable reading. The book explores themes such as mental health, depression, sexual abuse, and suicide. Sometimes I had to put the book down for a little while to reflect on what happened and understand the emotional upheaval inside myself. In the wrong hands this could have all become a bit too much. However, McBride’s characters are easy to root for. They never stop picking themselves up and carrying on, no matter how bad things get for them. This turns a book that could have been depressing into something much more uplifting. A book about hope and resilience. Paper and Fire might not be a book for everyone as it can be challenging at times. But nothing easy is worth having. The story is engaging, and I found myself caring much more for the characters than I have in any book for a long time.

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