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Tomorrow's Sunrise

By Bethany R. Minster - ISBN: 9781922850157

RRP: $32.95

Tomorrow+39s Sunrise
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Author Bio

Bethany Minster is a young woman who has always been very ambitious in her goals and the words ‘Give-up’ have never been in her dictionary nor have they ever made sense. She has been rejected so many times over the years in search of where she belonged career wise in many different ways and never ever given up. 

Bethany has been diagnosed with extreme Depression and Anxiety Disorder but she never lets her Disorders get in the way of her happiness. She believes that she will achieve all her dreams and goals and doesn’t care how long it takes. She doesn’t want to have any regrets when her time comes. Bethany always puts 110% of her energy into everything she does and doesn’t accept anything less. 

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Tomorrow's Sunrise

By Bethany R. Minster - ISBN: 9781922850157

RRP: $32.95

One by one, the soldiers vanish…

Farrah, a young slave for an imperious family, is recently sold to an equally cruel and tyrannical overlord. 

In transition to her new home of Buson, aka ‘Slave City’, an unexpected event causes them to become stranded in an old ghost town…

One by one the soldiers that were taking her to Buson vanish… 

An assassination attempt upon her life leaves her with more questions than answers…

A bounty placed on her head gives her the knowing that her past holds many answers she must uncover to survive...

Farrah finds a way to unite fellow slaves to devise a plan for an uprising that has been a long time coming…

Nothing, at Slave City will ever be the same for anyone…

“An adventurous, menacingly dark Sci-Fi by a new author loving her craft… Good read and well executed action…” Timothy, Indie Book reviewer


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