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By Bruce Ryan - ISBN: 9781922850270

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Author Bio

Bruce Ryan has always been a keen writer despite having quite severe dyslexia as a child and learning to read and write very late. He thinks the struggle makes one cherish that ability even more in later life. Bruce works with students with disabilities and learning difficulties as a Teacher’s Aide for the NSW Education Department.

Bruce was a dedicated, though not particularly talented, sportsman and coach for more than 40 years and Co-founder of Barton Park Giant Trees Arboretum which has given him great pleasure since 2007.

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By Bruce Ryan - ISBN: 9781922850270

RRP: $36.95


Germany gained the right to conduct the 1936 Olympics, though many countries were uneasy about giving the games to the country they had seen plunge the world into war. Several nations threatened boycotts, not only because of the Great War but the more recent persecution of the Roma and Sinti people and the new doctrine of racial purity.

Robert O’Calahan’s selection as an Australian Olympic Team doctor leads his life to unexpected change as he is drawn into long hidden family secrets to the Roma and Sinti coalition in Australia of which he had no knowledge.
Robert and a number of operatives, strive to contact German “Gypsies” and other dissidents to gain any proof of the atrocities committed by the Germans during the last decades but are soon confronted by the developing evil rising almost unstopped across Europe.

The deadly game of cat and mouse ensues and sees members of the Olympic team in dangerous life-threatening situations and even the killing of several people who are surreptitiously trying to stop the heartless Nazi German master race.

“An exciting and confronting thriller by a new talent in Australian historical writing. Edge of the seat enjoyment…” Harold, Indie Book reviewer

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