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The Sisterhood

By Ben Hastings - ISBN: 9781922851789

RRP: $32.95

The Sisterhood
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Author Bio

As well as spending his time writing, Ben has been a qualified accountant for the past forty years. He is a married father of three and resides with his family on the central coast of NSW. Ben has been an avid reader of science fiction for as long as he can remember and his favourite author is Stephen King. Besides reading, Ben enjoys playing tennis and also tries to fit in the occasional round of golf, but his favourite pastime is taking his boat out on the idyllic waters of Lake Macquarie where he can think about his next book with a fishing line and a glass of good red.

The Sisterhood

By Ben Hastings - ISBN: 9781922851789

RRP: $32.95

The world is in terrible balance…

In a society ruled by an oppressive patriarchy, a biological weapon unexpectantly mutates, causing all men to die and kickstarting apocalyptical level devastation.

Sonya, a high ranking official in the now ruling Sisterhood, must do what she can to save her society. She faces corrupt power that threatens to take everything, including her sacred and forbidden love child, Sam.

Sam must hide in plain sight, forcibly raised as a girl just to avoid extreme punishment. When danger looms close, Sam runs and finds a whole new existence beyond the regime he was led to trust in.

Can Sonya and Sam undo the damage to their world before it is doomed beyond repair?

"Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties meets Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta meets Michael Bay’s film The Island.
Please be prepared for heavy themes as Hastings does not shy away from painful concepts. The Sisterhood is a spiritual successor sequel to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. It follows the life of Sonya who is a leading official for The Sisterhood, a group of women who attempt to create a completely gender-segregated society after the effects of a virus, Banshee, that only affects and kills men.
Like Orwell, Hastings writes on the concept of totalitarianism and the terrifying possibilities of a heavily controlled society. This sci-fi novel focuses particularly on the idea that those in power cannot perpetuate oppression and simultaneously create a peaceful society. Violence begets violence in this thought-provoking and fast-paced narrative.
I couldn’t help but feel anxious reading about Sonya and watching her struggle against societal pressures to protect the men she loves, and her defiant nature comes back to bite her hard when it comes to her children. If you are a lover of horror or thriller novels like me then you’ll relish in reading The Sisterhood." Elizabeth Mills 

“A sci-fi of intense and thought-provoking narrative… An enjoyable read and great writer…” Lee, Indie Book reviewer


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