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A Journey to Heaven: A Human Soul Traveller

By Magdalene Soul Light - ISBN: 9781922701718

RRP: $34.95

A Journey to Heaven A Human Soul Traveller
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Author Bio

Magdalene was born in to the Hungarian heritage of a middle class family in old Yugoslavia. She had the pleasure of being educated in her own mother language in school. At the age of twenty, she got married and said her goodbyes to her birth country and family to settle in Germany. Four years later, she migrated to Australia, and become an Australian citizen fifty years ago! She adores this Arnhem Country and everything it has offered her through time. The land of plenty, she feels at home and thankful for everything that's been achieved and gifted through her long journey in life! She started to learn and practice spiritualism in her highlight years and became a messenger to the mighty Power, the highest power of the universe, to pass on her knowledge to all her readers, to help them learn and grow!

A Journey to Heaven: A Human Soul Traveller

By Magdalene Soul Light - ISBN: 9781922701718

RRP: $34.95

A dream I had once has come true and it was of you…

If you are curious and seek the answers to the greatest wonders of the spiritual realms that work with you, against you and always for you, inside these covers is the place for you.

What is the truth of heaven? How do we ever really know the secrets of the afterlife? Well, in the book you hold are the very answers and experiences of one who knows.

Once young and curious, once filled with fear and doubt and pain, it is the truth which opens to show what exists beyond. This book will take you on an amazing journey and help you find the truth in your soul.

Thank you all for coming with me on this journey. 

Your Earthly Guide and Messenger, Magdalene.

“A book of thought and surprising depth of spirit… Enlightened and well delivered…” Patricia, Indie Book reviewer


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