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Recipe for a Healthy Brain

By Dr Roy Hardman and Dr Melissa Formica - ISBN: 9781922701312

RRP: $22.95

Recipe for a Healthy Brain
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Dr Melissa Formica’s main research interest is the prevention of cognitive decline in older age, particularly after surgery. She is also currently completing her master’s degree and training to become qualified as a psychologist.

Dr Roy Hardman’s main research interest is the impact of the introduction of a Mediterranean Diet on the long term impact on cognitive aging and how to minimise the transition to mild cognitive impairment  Dementia.

Both Doctors have a passion for the cause of getting people to take control of their cognitive health and improving brain function over a lifetime.. This book is a passionate journey for their purpose in educating children.

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Recipe for a Healthy Brain

By Dr Roy Hardman and Dr Melissa Formica - ISBN: 9781922701312

RRP: $22.95

If we cannot treat the condition of dementia, then it is paramount we strive to prevent it from occurring...

If you are interested in understanding how your brain ages, what you can do to sustain cognitive function over the course of your lifetime, then this is the text to read. There is substantial work and documentation stating that we should reduce the risk of Dementia. The objective should be to prevent dementia and focus on what can be done prior to the onset of cognitive decline.

This book includes a systematic review of the current literature synthesised into layman terms on how one’s brain ages and the impact of cognitive decline. It then discusses the many myths associated with cognitive loss in humans and offers realistic and research outcomes on how to deal with an aging brain and how to possibly avoid dementia.

Through the knowledge contained within this book, you may find the secret to growing older with a healthy brain…

“A peer supported study and outline by two very reputable research medical experts in their fields and a way to clearly see that the solution for long-term life and enjoyment through the aging process is in the hands of the individual… A work of integral importance for all generations…” Lyle, IndieBook reviewer


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