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By Craig Ford - ISBN: 9781922850577

RRP: $24.95

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Author Bio

Craig is a cybersecurity engineer and ethical hacker. He has a Master's in Management (Information Technology) and a Master's in Information Systems Security from Charles Sturt University. He was awarded the AISA (Australian Information Security Associated) Cyber security professional of the year in 2020. Craig joined the AISA Queensland committee in 2020 before being elected the AISA QLD branch Chair in June 2021 where he remained until January 2023, before being appointed to the AISA board of directors in January 2023. 

Craig is a regular columnist for "Women in Security" Magazine and has contributed to the project since its inception in early 2021. He is also a regular contributor to the Top Cyber News, Cyber Today, Cyber Australia and the Careers with STEM magazines. 

Craig has two previous books A Hacker, I Am and A Hacker, I Am - Vol 2 which were self-published. These are cybersecurity awareness books that try and help educate everyone on how to be safer in this connected world. 

Craig also has the first book in this series Foresight which has been published through Shawline and an upcoming children's cyber awareness book that he co-authored with Caity Randall called The Shadow World. 

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By Craig Ford - ISBN: 9781922850577

RRP: $24.95

Ever dreamed of being a hacker?

In this thrilling second instalment to the Foresight series, Shadow offers a fresh insight into the opposing hacker of the series – Shadow.

Shadow must make choices that will lead him down many paths that were never expected in the outset.

Find out what makes Shadow tick and experience the thrilling events from Foresight from a completely new perspective.

Shadow is fun, dangerous and dives further into the hacking world which Foresight first exposed.

Will the possibilities of the digital world help Shadow find his place in reality also...?

“A devilishly clever second book of the series that weaves more depth to the plot and characters… Exceptional...” Maxwell, Indie Book reviewer

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Goodreads reviewer, Megan S. says:

"Shadow," the second instalment in Craig Ford's Foresight series, delves deeper into the enigmatic past of the character Shadow, first introduced in the inaugural book of the series. Seamlessly continuing the narrative, the novel unravels a compelling tale centred around the inaugural mission shared by Foresight and Shadow.

Ford's deliberate choice of a young female protagonist challenges the conventional male-dominated paradigm within the genre. Set against an Australian backdrop, this deliberate setting adds a unique dimension that distinguishes "Shadow" from its contemporaries. The juxtaposition of a strong female lead and a locally rooted narrative establishes a remarkable divergence that enhances the overall narrative experience.

Skillfully employing the art of suspense, Ford masterfully crafts "Shadow" with an array of concise and precisely constructed chapters. This approach heightens the tension and intrigue, compelling readers to eagerly turn each page in anticipation of the next revelation. The expertly woven structure not only mirrors the unfolding mystery but also serves as a testament to Ford's skilful storytelling prowess.

Intricately weaving character development, plot progression, and thematic exploration, Ford's adept guidance through a landscape of suspense, intrigue, and discovery is further accentuated by the strategic utilization of these succinct chapters. By deftly intertwining the personal histories of the characters with the broader scope of their mission, "Shadow" immerses its audience in a richly layered tale that resonates beyond the confines of its pages.

In conclusion, "Shadow" not only advances the Foresight series but also contributes to the evolution of the genre itself. Ford's meticulous craftsmanship, combined with the novel's distinctive blend of character dynamics, local flavour, and the artful use of concise chapters, culminate in a literary work that captivates and elevates the reader's engagement.

For enthusiasts of the genre seeking a refreshing and thought-provoking narrative, "Shadow" unquestionably merits consideration.

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