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A Reign of Emerald Fire

By Matthew J Turner - ISBN: 9781922993434

RRP: $34.95

A Reign of Emerald Fire
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Author Bio

Matthew J Turner is an English writer, now residing in Brisbane, Australia having been born and raised in the picturesque town of Rye, East Sussex, England. Living happily within his dorky stereotype, Matthew enjoys researching medieval history, losing at boardgames, burning or over-seasoning most of his cooking attempts and quoting outdated references to various films and TV shows. Moulded by Monty Python and the glut of whacky British comedy which made up much of his TV viewing as a child, Matthew has gained an enthusiastic love for the absurd. Through his writing, Matthew strives to prove his U for English in his GCSE’S stands for Up-and-Coming rather than Ungradable.

A Reign of Emerald Fire

By Matthew J Turner - ISBN: 9781922993434

RRP: $34.95

A Reign of Emerald Fire is the debut novel of a new fantasy series by author Matthew J Turner.

Disgraced Commander of the King’s 1st, Stánwilte Yoakilor pins his hopes upon a hastily cobbled together band of misfits, gallivanting around the kingdom of Uprynenos on a mishap-strewn path to redemption.

Brolo, the half-elf/half-dwarf tags along, deluded by a desire to experience the skull-cracking, knuckle-dusting escapades allegedly undertaken by his absent father, if his drunkenness and sharp tongue doesn’t get him killed first.

Far away in the desolate Ánad, a desert far beyond the reaches of the King’s Law, Yilonia flees the wrath of her father, the Earl of Stunheath, unaware that his fiery temper should be the least of her concerns.

Set within a double-edged world where stark and brutal events are cut with a wry-humoured absurdity, this opening tale focuses on the painful fusing together of outcasts into a dysfunctional family, bonded by their shared magnetism for misfortune and grief.

“A glorious mesh of characters and events that propels the pages forward with endless excitement and humour… Wonderful…” Tyler, Indie Book reviewer


2024 QLD Literary Award Reign of Emerald Fire Aurealis 23 - AROEF

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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