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By - ISBN: 9781922851895

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Ingrid J. Adams is the author of Descended, an epic love story steeped in fantasy, the first in a four book series for the upper YA market. It took her a long time to realise her unattainably crazy dream of being a writer was in fact both attainable and sane; but between then and now, she's earnt degrees in business tourism, journalism, kinesiology and nutrition, studied psychotherapy, and worked in media then as a therapist. She also had a couple years off to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling after being diagnosed with an incurable disease—an incurable disease she managed to cure herself of by going way outside the box, a disease she probably learnt more from than all her degrees put together. Today she lives in chaos by the beach in Manly, Australia with her four beautiful boys (five if you count her husband), and her cuddle-hunting cavoodle pup. She's a massive fan of travel, yoga, meditation, farmer's markets, cooking (and eating), ocean-swimming, and escaping into fictional worlds of her own and others' creation.

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By - ISBN: 9781922851895

RRP: $36.95

1990s Sydney.

A love that spans lifetimes.

For some, the membrane between realms is stretched thin…

Indigo Wolfe is that guy everybody wants to be or be with. He lights up everyone he meets and he definitely knows how to have fun.

But he’s barely holding on by a thread.

Because Indigo isn't what he seems. He has secrets. And he's so often consumed – by the pain, by the darkness, by all he can feel and hear and see that no one else can.

Why is he plagued by abilities others are not?

When he meets the ethereal Cordelia Carlisle, he's hit with a sense of recognition that traverses lifetimes. He’s welcomed into her family and as they grow closer he lets her see the parts of him he keeps hidden.

The only thing he can't show her is she's everything to him.

When they’re torn apart, Indigo descends into darkness, bombarded by that which is not of this world.

Indigo must choose whether to give up, or whether to fight – for himself, for answers, and for Cordelia, the girl he seems destined to love and to lose over and over, life after life… 

Unless this time, he can get it right.

"I was hooked the second I started reading! I went to bed at night thinking about the characters lives, as if they were three dimensional people I knew well. I felt welcomed into this special world like it was written just for me. Descended tackles sensitive topics like mental health, drug use, love, and sex. They are not approached in a way that condemns, trivialises, or glorifies them. They simply are part of growing up and this book reflects that. Although it’s not all serious, I found myself grinning regularly and even laughing out loud at times. I could feel all the emotion Ingrid has put into this book, I felt the love, the happiness and heartbreak. I absolutely loved this book and all the characters, I can not wait to see where the story goes and will be impatiently waiting for the second book. As a teen I would have been in love with Indigo and as a mother I want to invite Indigo into my family." Georgia, Goodreads reviewer

"I must admit when asked to review DESCENDED, a first time novel by Ingrid J. ADAMS, I was somewhat sceptical. It's always difficult to write something original and fresh. This book delivers in spades! Such a page turner. I could not put it down. ADAMS' cleverly crafted story draws you in from the get go. Her talent for creating relatable characters is amazing. Your fascination with these characters is such that you feel the need to keep reading to find out what becomes of them.
It's hard to pidgeon-hole this book. It crosses genres. I was told I was reviewing a Young Adult novel but in my opinion this book appeals to all ages and classifications. There is something for everyone.
A tragedy of our time is the shocking suicide rate among young boys which makes this book very timely. I believe ADAMS is the mother of 4 young boys and this was one of the prime reasons behind the subject matter. This extremely readable book will offer hope to young confused kids. While a struggling teenage child may not be keen to read a text book, this novel will address unanswered questions in a non-preachy way.
Set around the Northern Beaches in Sydney Australia, highlighting the Aussie culture of the 90's is a clever ruse. It will take older readers on a nostalgic journey back to the music and carefree time of their youth. A time before political correctness was in overdrive.
You know you've read an amazing book when you simply cannot stop thinking about the topic and the characters long after lights out. I guarantee you this book will stay with you long after you've finished reading it. I only hope ADAMS has more in the series. I absolutely have to share the continuing journey of Indigo and Cordelia." Tina Chambers, Goodreads reviewer

“Tantalising love story that brings in all the mystery of fantasy and the supernatural. Phenomenal read, can’t wait for the next instalment!” Alice, Indie Book reviewer


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