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Buzzbomb and the Jaws of Krashka

By Jason Matheson - ISBN: 9781922851772

RRP: $39.95

Buzzbomb and the Jaws of Krashka
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Author Bio

As a child, Jason spent most of his time riding BMX, going to the beach, sitting in the local cinema and staying at his aunt’s toyshop in Newcastle. Writing was always a part of his life, but it wasn’t until adolescence knocked and led him to his parent’s vinyl— Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Credence— that writing really kicked in. On a summer day, his neighbour gave him a cassette called Face to Face by The Angels and it became the light at the end of the tunnel. Inevitably Jason joined a few friends and started a band – The Afterthoughts – and this was his first taste at public writing. Things really picked up from there with his English Teacher, Mrs Naisby, allowing him to read his stories to the class which led to getting short stories published in University Mags – thank you Mrs Naisby. Many lifetimes have past and today Jason is a senior educator, working with both primary and secondary students for the last 20 years. He is a husband to a super supportive wife and father to three amazing boys.  With a debut novel on the way, a dog, cat, chickens and a duck called Brian, Jason promotes self-empowerment through words and the importance of language everywhere he goes.

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Buzzbomb and the Jaws of Krashka

By Jason Matheson - ISBN: 9781922851772

RRP: $39.95

After a night of stormy, high-sea betrayal and adventure Buzzbomb, the cockroach from Sydney Australia, awakes on a desolate strip of beach.

Little does Buzz know he was not the only survivor of the prawn pirate attack on the cargo ship.

A creature so crazed and ravenous that it dreams of nothing but chaos and destruction, has washed up along the same beach and been captured by a power hungry General.

With its green glowing blood pulsing through the cane toad canons and stinkbug goo guns, the coastal farming villages are doomed.

Hungry and half mad from drinking saltwater, Buzzbomb is surrounded by serpents and creepy crawlies that want to eat him. Then he stumbles upon Dust, the hidden village's warrior princess.

Can Buzzbomb and Dust save the day before the monsoon hits and floods the grasslands, or has the ravenous horror whose glowing green blood is weaponizing the stinkbugs already won?

One thing is for sure…

When the monsoon comes, this terrifying beast will feed...

“A fantastic array of imagination and narrative, blended with amazing artworks makes this one of the best illustrated novels on the market for 2023… Exceptionally awesome!” Matt, Indie Book reviewer


Aurealis 23 - Buzzbomb 2023 QLD Literary Awards - Buzzbomb

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