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The Bowman Standard

By Scott Wilson - ISBN: 9781923101159

RRP: $36.95

The Bowman Standard
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Author Bio

Scott Wilson is a former marketer, entrepreneur, and writer with a profound passion for geopolitics. He tries to write provocative satire about global affairs: China's ascent, America's tumble, and Australia's quiet significance in the superpower showdown. The Bowman Standard is his debut novel about energy security. Scott lives on the Mornington Peninsula with his wife and two children. When not writing, he prefers to be on a mountain, in the ocean, or engrossed in The Economist. He likes chatting too, and can be found on X or Gmail: @AuthorSFWilson.

The Bowman Standard

By Scott Wilson - ISBN: 9781923101159

RRP: $36.95

As the world swirls in military conflict, social disorder and climate catastrophe, government leaders recruit super-forecasters – their nation’s most non-biased citizens – to predict events and propose policy prescriptions…

From 2012 to 2028, this raucous globe-spinning romp considers prospects and pitfalls for three countries crucial to the electric age. China, the USA and Australia compete, cooperate and mark their success with a common scoring system – The Bowman Standard – to determine new spheres of power.

Super-forecasters examine events across political, economics, culture, defence and the environment, to maximise Bowman Standard scores, at the behest of the world's most influential advisors: Mr Wang, a Chinese Communist Party apparatchik with a demanding boss, Tiffany St. James, a do-gooding American heiress, and Hope Peterman, a management consultant briefed to preserve the wealth of her client, an elite cabal secretly ruling Australia.

Factual and funny, this book will appeal to readers who like a broad perspective on recent history, current affairs and our near future. 

“A fantastical enlightenment of the now and the future we hope never to come. Brilliant characters propelling a cleverly thought-out plot and plausible, if not ironic, array of scenarios to keep your mind wondering what will our future really look like… and by whose influence?” Readalot Magazine


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