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I Am Woman

By Anita Selzer - ISBN: 9780648827634

RRP: $25.95

I Am Woman
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Anita Selzer is the highly acclaimed author of eleven books in non-fiction for children and adults with an interest in women and history. She has written about Australian sportswomen who achieved at high levels including the Olympics: athletes, basketballers, golfers, hockey players, netballers and swimmers; girls' education in Australia; governors' wives in Australia and the pastoral pioneers of Como House. Before becoming a writer, Anita was a teacher of English and Politics and completed Masters and Doctorate degrees in Education, focusing on gender and history. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Women's Studies and lives in Melbourne with her family. Praise for I AM SASHA by Anita Selzer - Based on the experiences of the author's own father and retold using her grandmother's memoir, this extraordinary story remained a family secret until their death. Now author Anita Selzer documents the astounding lengths that her grandmother went to, to protect her family

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I Am Woman

By Anita Selzer - ISBN: 9780648827634

RRP: $25.95

I am Woman presents a nuanced view of how we could be living our lives in the near future; valuing parenthood, family and paid work, and where we treat one another with respect. A future in which we do things different to the past and perhaps, even in this present. A world where we can thrive to treat each other with greater respect and empathy within this fragile society.

The #Metoo movement has shown us it is time for us to change behaviour and the ways women and men relate to one another. We do have the power to do this and make a positive difference in our world.

It is now time that we question how to work and live, and how to achieve the mythical work-life balance so as contributors to our communities, we can protect and nurture our family in contemporary society.

Anita Selzer's eye-opening journey to discovery shows us in the simplest, even perhaps obvious ways, how we can adjust the perception about success by sharing her experiences of life, love and laughs. The delicate honesty and realness of her narrative is compelling and moving but most of all, it is from the heart of a genuine and talented woman who believes in what we all know yet are trapped in our lives, often too busy or too unwilling to look beyond what what can be...

'I wrote it with women of childbearing age in mind...' Anita says. 'To make them think about how to live their lives; baby-boomers, the sandwich generation who may have suffered a burn out like me, doing too much and not taking proper care of themselves in the process and for women who have experienced heartache in a relationship that breaks down - which would be almost every woman alive! I wrote the book to share aspects of my life that may help others to change theirs for the better. I sincerely hope the book opens up minds and hearts to question and improve how we are living life...'

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