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The Diary of Katy Yehonala

By Robert Barclay - ISBN: 9781922594686

RRP: $32.95

The Diary of Katy Yehonala
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Robert grew up in a small English village, the repository of 1000 years of history engraved on the tombstones of its Norman Church. Without mobile phones, TV or the Internet, he made up stories.

Later in life, he found himself a clearance diver in the labyrinthine, murky waterways of the Mekong Delta, dismantling booby traps during the Vietnam War and receiving two bravery awards. He spent much time in Asia, and his storytelling is inspired by his life experiences living around the world and from random meetings with strangers.

Robert’s writing paints pictures of remarkable, headstrong women set against backstories of the significant issues of our times. His vivid storytelling combines sharp-witted dialogue and meticulous research to bring our human struggles to life. A citizen of the world, his love of exotic places, their people and their love stories brings readers an evocative sense of time and place. 

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The Diary of Katy Yehonala

By Robert Barclay - ISBN: 9781922594686

RRP: $32.95

A sweeping saga of three generations of extraordinary women who lifted their gaze beyond their turbulent history, each to fulfil unique destinies.

The first is a proud matriarch who believes honouring family is worth any sacrifice.

The second is born into a revolution and travels the world, still scarred by her childhood demons. 

The third soars to breathtaking heights on the world stage, a mother’s selfless love beneath her wings.

The Diary of Katy Yehonala brilliantly evokes another time and place, laying bare its drama and beauty in haunting landscapes and vivid portraits of unforgettable women, so exquisitely narrated that they resonate long after the final page is turned.

“An immersive and gripping book that resonates deeply with the reader. Throughout, the characterisation is strong, memorable and nuanced suited to the intricate, powerful, compelling narrative.” Rebecca Black, AM

"I know it’s a good book because every time I pick it up, I am transported to not just a different place or time, but a different life. My only criticism is that it leaves me resentful every time I put it down… resentful that I haven’t (yet) established a lifestyle that allows me to read for 8 hours a day. It’s even better than I thought it would be and every bit deserving of a Miles Franklin, in my opinion." Danielle Sanelli

"I have just finished this well written and intriguing book. The author must be very well travelled to describe all the different locations so well, it made me want to visit some of them! The detail was amazing. I felt some of the descriptions were almost poetic... The story line is very unusual and transports the reader to many places as Katy's journey through life unfolds. From China to England, from Cambodia to Australia, it's all here in breathtaking detail. Katy has many challenges but finds strength to get through them all. I too like writing about strong women so felt a connection with Katy's story... A worthy contender for the Miles Franklin Literary Award indeed." Gillian Wells, Author of Alone and Consequences as well as the children's novels, The Amazing Adventures of Bub & Tub volumes 1 & 2

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NSW Premier+39s Award - The Diary Of Katy Yehonala NSW Premier+39s Award - The Diary Of Katy Yehonala The Diary Of Katy Yehonala

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