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The Misadventures of Harry and Larry: Path of the Way Show-ers

By David Webby - Illustrations by M.K. Perring

RRP $29.95
ISBN: 9781922701954
The Misadventures of Harry and Larry Path of the Waysayers
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Author Bio

David was born in New Zealand, but during a working holiday in Australia in 1984, he decided Australia was the place for him, and has lived here ever since. In early 2017, he and his wife moved to Tasmania, and settled in the beautiful Huon Valley with their two labradoodles. David is a podiatrist by trade, and enjoys bushwalking, photography, gardening, and bee keeping. His inspiration to write comes from his love for trees and wildlife, and his memories of childhood exploration. He includes a richness of history and culture in his writing that has come from extensive travels, both within Australia and overseas.

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The Misadventures of Harry and Larry: Path of the Way Show-ers

By David Webby - Illustrations by M.K. Perring

RRP $29.95
ISBN: 9781922701954

“A great romp of laughs and learning from a talented Australian author… Great work!” Tina, Indie Book reviewer

Can Harry and Larry survive while facing a smiling crocodile looking for dinner?

Two bush Mice, Harry and Larry, from the Bunya Mountains become trapped in a 4WD owned by two humans, known as Charlie and Izzy Humbledink and are thrust into an exciting adventure all the way up the east coast of Australia.

Harry and Larry soon learn that the Outback is unforgiving to smaller creatures with giant Wedge-tailed Eagles, Reptiles and Crocs on the constant lookout for a feed.

Along their trek, they meet up with Merlin, a wise Owl, who encourages the two Mice to explore the path of the Way Show-ers (special beings that help humans adapt and change.)

But when Charlie Humbledink looks to become a Croc’s dinner during a fishing trip on the Roper River, will the two Mice have the resolve and skills needed to save the day?

Find out as Harry and Larry, travel with their human friends to explore the rugged landscape of the Outback in the north of Australia They survive some often-scary encounters with local inhabitants and call on the skills gained in Mouse Scouts to get them out of trouble.

This is a pair of Mice who find that there is more to life than they knew and destiny was not an easy way to discover their worth…come on an adventure and share the fun and learning with Harry and Larry!


Growing up in England I loved reading and drawing! I was inspired by Roald Dahl, especially my favourite of his books 'The Witches', to keep making of creative stories and drawing interesting characters. Moving to Australia was a huge culture shift for me, but I made new friends and kept being creative. I didn't always know what to pursue in life, but I had to create, I loved art. I studied films, animation, graphic design and illustrations. I became a jack of all trades! It wasn't easy to follow my dreams, but I stayed positive, believed in myself, and listen to those who believed in me too. Now, making beautiful illustrations and working with all kinds of authors is a dream come true, and only the start of my adventure.











NSW Premier+39s Award - The Misadventures Of Harry And Larry Path Of The Way Show-Ers Aurealis Awards 2022 - The Misadventures Of Harry And Larry Path Of The Way Show-Ers

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