"...Wonderfully inclusive book encouraging and empowering
our little boys

to be their

authentic selves..."  

Jarrad and Michael. The real dads of Melbourne 


I am a boy Oh yes I am
There’s nothing I can’t do And everything I can”

Creativity, authenticity, self love… this book encourages it all. From exploring play to expressing their feelings, I am a boy teaches our young people that it’s normal for boys to adapt to their surroundings and discover who they are in any way they feel is natural.

A staple book for your household minimising stereotypes and supporting self discovery.

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What were your inspirations? Both professionally and personally I’ve seen how damaging inhibiting a young person’s creativity can be. I began to become quite passionate about advocating for letting kids be kids. Young boys are a lot of the time expected to be emotionally strong as opposed to being vulnerable; athletic over indoorsy, or outgoing over shy. A close young man to me once said he wanted to marry a boy. I absolutely loved listening to him explain why. After his parents separation, he sees that his father and step mother love each other and play and show so much support to each other, he said he wanted that too and uses the word marry because there is commitment attached to that and children are aware of what marriage is.


He used the language he knew to best describe his feelings. So, I interpreted his comment as he just wants someone to kick the footy with when he grew up as his got all girl cousins and two sisters… he just wants someone to play with. However, to people he has said this too focused on the ‘marry’ part. There was no need to go into a deep conversation about it with him, however telling him he can love, marry, or kick the footy with whoever he pleases and that’s OK.


I believe young boys have the right to want what they want, explore self-discovery and self-expression any way they know how. I have so much to say on this topic, I could go on for days.


How did you decide on the characters in the book would also be an interesting concept to include? In deciding to have multiple characters and situations depicted, it came down to exposing the variation a young boy can have while having Fun. I thought this would create conversation for both young and old and for the readers. Diversity and open mindedness are what I hope the readers experience


What drew you to the subject matter or the characters? Professionally, being exposed to some fairly harsh situations as well as personally seeing how sensitive young boys can be and feeling victimised for being so.

What was the biggest challenge when writing the book? There is also a boggling factor of controversy and how loud can my voice be within the book. I decided to keep it light and uplifting for th e purposes of entertaining young people.


Include any interesting experiences you might’ve had during the research for the book, or while writing or publishing the book: Constant knock backs and being told I have zero chance of ever being published. I kept trying. I’m passionate about writing and feel my work should be in family homes. So, I persisted.

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