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Lauren Ashley Author Book Event
Lauren Ashley Author Book Event
Lauren Ashley Author Book Event
Lauren Ashley Author Book Event
Lauren Ashley
Guest Bio

A PR professional by day, novelist by night, Lauren Ashley, received her Bachelor of Media and Communications in Journalism from the University of New South Wales. When the Sydney native isn’t getting swept up in writing sinfully saucy romances, she spends most of her time reading and going on foodie adventures with her husband and daughter. Lauren’s also an avid dancer, loves singing loudly to old-school 2000 pop-punk music, and is a sucker, pun intended, for a good Vampire Diaries marathon with her Mum.

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Lauren Ashley Author Book Event

With Lauren Ashley

Admission to the Book Fair Australia event is required.


Kinsley wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her mother’s best friend but she did. 

Kinsley Cooper was always the only one for Seattle’s notorious playboy, Dr Justin Walker…

So, what caused their illicit affair to end abruptly, tearing them apart and causing Kinsley to flee to find solitude?

After seven years, Kinsley has returned as Seattle’s newest sexologist, working at her mother’s clinic - the very one her ex-lover, Dr Justin Walker, works at also. 

All she wanted was a fresh start but that’s harder said than done when the secrets of her past threaten to unravel the new beginning that she’s fought so hard to create.

How will Kinsley keep her past secret as she fights her guilt for her tempestuous affair from being discovered by her mother, all the while still being attracted to the one man who devastated her life..?

Event Details

Sydney Showground

1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia


Bookings Required

This event is a Ticketed Event


"A thrilling romance of complex emotion and characters to entice the senses on every page…"

— Tabitha, Indiebook reviewer

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