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Embracing Your Pain
Priscilla Rouillon
Guest Bio

Priscilla. D. Rouillon, aged 47 years, is a mother of 3 grown up kids; Alex, Brandon, and Stephanie. Now living the most simple but extraordinary life with her fiancé Marc Schembri. After living many years of pain and suffering, she started to experience the beginning of her spiritual enlightenment around 2012. With many teachings and more mistakes, she began to discover her true self to live the life she always dreamed of. After discovering many lessons from her own endeavours, she is willing to teach to others, so they can live their best life. She always knew within that she was here to help other people. She finally found what fulfils her life. To become inspirit together with everyone, this is her life’s purpose.

Between The Covers

With Priscilla Rouillon

Will Braid sits down with new author Priscilla Rouillon and discusses her self-help book, Embracing Your Pain, along with her wonderful journey.

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Your life is created by your choices, no matter what your situation, you have the choice. You are the one who controls your thoughts.

It’s time now to embrace your pain and know it empowers you.

It’s time to let go, forgive and break free from an egoic mind.

It’s time to give yourself love, become aware of how you feel in each moment.

It’s time to discover YOU again.

Allow these stories held within this book to help you see the learning beyond pain and embrace these wisdoms every day of your wonderful life a head. I have experienced all these moments and I cherish them all as I pledge to share them with you, to help and guide you to live your life to the utmost potential and know real happiness within your heart and soul. You are everything all at once and you have a knowing within you that is of real worth.

You must first embrace it before anyone else can and you must set yourself free because no one ever will but YOU.

Become limitless for anything it is you want to do. It’s time to express everything with love and create those miracles for yourself.

It’s time to find your purpose for your magnificent life.

“A surprising and revealing book of experience and wisdom that many of us do not always consciously acknowledge…brave and honest and well told…” Danielle, Indiebook Reviewer

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