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Meet the Author at Clunes  Bob Marmion
Meet the Author at Clunes  Bob Marmion
Meet the Author at Clunes  Bob Marmion
Meet the Author at Clunes  Bob Marmion
Meet the Author at Clunes  Bob Marmion
Bob Marmion
Guest Bio

Bob Marmion has had a lifelong interest in Australian military and police history, particularly the colonial era of the 19th century through to 1945. He was a member of the Victoria Police for fifteen years serving in both uniform and the Criminal Investigation Branch as a detective. Over the years, he was involved in the investigation of many serious crimes including murders and manslaughter, armed robbery, fraud, arson and sexual offences.

When he left the police force, Bob studied at university as a mature age student before eventually completing a PhD in Victorian history at the University of Melbourne. Following his passion for military history, which dates from his schooldays, Bob was appointed the Fort Queenscliff Historian. Bob has published a number of books and articles on Australian military history and Victorian history. He has also written a true-life murder mystery from the World War2 era, Murder at the Fort.

Meet the Author at Clunes - Bob Marmion

With Bob Marmion

Meet Bob Marmion, author of 'The Price We Pay'

About 'The Price We Pay'


“I joined the Victoria Police Force in early 1976 as a young, bright but very naïve and immature eighteen-year-old – like a shiny new penny, if you will,” Bob Marmion explains. “By the time I was discharged as medically unfit fifteen years later, I was a very battered and scarred penny. I had been exposed to multiple traumatic experiences that led to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a breakdown in my marriage and my drug and alcohol addiction mixed with suicidal thoughts…”

The Price We Pay is an autobiographical account of his time in the police force and his subsequent battle with PTSD which was caused by exposure to multiple traumas in the job.

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Clunes Booktown Festival

70 Service St, Clunes VIC 3370, Australia


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"I absolutely loved this book. I wanted it to end so I could know everything but then at the same time I did not want it to end. I want more! It makes me want to hug every police officer I know and continually send lunch to my local police station. I loved"

— Hilary, Indie Book Reviewer

"A book of truth by the truth Sayer who walked the walk in a role we all take for granted and hold little real understanding of…this brave and open book will move your perspective and gain you insight into what real survival of spirit is…a wo"

— Dean, Indie Book Reviewer

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