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Clunes Discussion Panel  Adrian Weeks
Adrian Weeks
Guest Bio

Adrian’s interest in fantasy books began at a young age; In the Shadow of Peace is Adrian’s first published novel; the expansion of a story first conceived in his teenage years. He continues to balance writing and pharmacy while living by the coast of Victoria, with his wife and two children.

Clunes Discussion Panel - Adrian Weeks

With Adrian Weeks

Meet Adrian Weeks, author of 'In the Shadow of Peace' 

About 'In the Shadow of Peace'


The view of peace is varied; some want nothing more, others hungry for war to continue.

In the Shadow of Peace enters the epic world of Roasline as the saga follows an olive farmer trying to suppress his past; a blacksmith’s daughter knowing her own mind; a wise and charismatic leader, respected by her people and a drunken old man who turns up in the most unusual places. 

There is the scarred ocean weary sailor, weathered by the rough seas and who trusts no one; the crippled sorcerer, flailing and desperate to regain his powers; a troubled son on a mysterious journey to find his destiny and a devout monk, who lives a sheltered life of worship outside the world of the raging war.

Lives are entwined in a place where ambition is rewarded, and power is the greatest strength. Lives are challenged on every level as they strive to survive turmoil, adventure, villainy, love, and fear. 

A world of war creates the generation of heroes to come.


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"A marvellous debut novel into the new and exciting world of Roasline for those who love this genre…masterful, thoughtful and thoroughly enjoyable…"

— Trevor, Indie Books reviewer

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