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What To Look for In a Publishing Company
8 December 2021
25 May 2024
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What to Look for in a Publishing Company

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When you submit your story to an Australian book publisher, you anxiously wait as they review your manuscript. However, you're not the only one that's being evaluated. Seasoned authors know that evaluating a potential publishing company is just as important for them.

Having a collaborative, creative and professional relationship with your book publisher is the key element of a successful book launch. You have to work together as partners on every aspect of your book. Going with the publishing companies in Australia that offer the most money might strip away all of your creative control.

As experienced Australian publishers, Shawline Publishing understands the value of a publisher-author partnership. Below, we're sharing four factors you should consider before choosing a book publisher.

The Editor

Crucial to a positive publishing experience is an editor who understands the author's perspective and creative vision. An editor should want to find ways to make the story easier to read and more marketable, not come in and change the core of the author's work. 

The Team's Enthusiasm

Make sure everyone on the team is as passionate about your story as you are. Australian publishers empower you with an editor, designers, sales, marketing and publicity teams, and many more people who should all buy into the book.

The Track Record with Similar Books

Before you sign a publishing contract, familiarise yourself with the publishing company's track record with similar titles. Does this publishing company already have connections to your target readers? 

The Contractual Terms

The publishing contract can make or break your experience. Even if you think one book publisher might be a great fit, read the contract thoroughly. Pay attention to your creative rights, what will be done to market your book and the financial terms of the royalty deal.

Discover Shawline Publishing 

When you sit down for an initial interview with publishing companies in Australia, make sure you ask about the factors listed above. To learn more about Shawline Publishing and submit your story to us, take a look at our website. 

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