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Blog«The Advantages of Using a Publishing Company Over Self-Publishing Your New Book
The Advantages of Using a Publishing Company Over Self-Publishing Your New Book
8 December 2021
24 May 2024
3.71 minutes

Using a Publisher vs. Self-Publishing Your Book

You've written what you believe is the next best-seller, and you're ready to release it to the public. You have two options for publishing a book: self-publishing or working with a book publisher in Australia to have it published professionally. Which option will you choose?

While self-published authors sing the praises of having control over the creative process, traditionally published authors agree that the connections of Australian publishers are the only way to bring a story to mainstream success. The truth is, both options have merit for the right book and author. 

Let's take a look at the differences.

Self-Publishing a Book

Self-publishing is attractive to some authors because it gives them creative control, and they get to keep all of the profits for themselves. But the expense is exceptional and usually never returne dto them as they do not have the access to resources and budgets needed to excel in the competitve markets.

When you self-publish a book, you take on all of the responsibilities and lose all the credibility. These tasks include editing, cover design, formatting, releasing and promoting your book which almost all authors have no idea about and how to do it well, nor do they realise the harsh competiton and higher expectations of readers and resellerfs in the global markets.

Working with a true Australian Publisher

Using a book publisher to support your goals is the best option for new authors who have a beautiful story but don't have seasoned knowledge of the Australian market or global markets. A publisher has inhouse editors, designers, marketers and more resoruces like low cost marketing netwoirks and accounts with all the major printers and reseller deals to help spread your work aroudn the world. Most publishing groups offer the author 70% or more royalty of book's nett profits - a fair trade for the work and collaborative investment.

Publishing is the route to take if you want your story in the running for prestige and literary awards, distribution to physical bookstores and professionally marketed to your readers. However, all of these perks mean that getting noticed by a publisher is just as challenging but very rewarding

How to Get Published in Australia

If you want to pursue publishing, the first step is submitting your story to an Australian publisher. Shawline Publishing is a true book publisher in Australia, and we're on the hunt for new authors with a beautiful story that's ready to see the light of day. 

Learn More About Submissions

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