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Blog«Good or bad the phone has the power to change a life.
Good or bad the phone has the power to change a life.
Shawline Publishing
25 November 2021
22 May 2024
4.55 minutes
We’ve all had “that call”. Good or bad the phone has the power to change a life.
Like the call you receive to say your Grandma has passed away or the drunken dial of a brother in Sweden when Geelong won the 2007 AFL Grand Final, “that call” brings memories.
I remember “that call” when I was told that Murray and the Seagull would happen. It was a life changer met with shock, relief and, when I had hung up form Bradley Shaw, floods of joyful tears.
It had always been a dream of mine to write a book, but I severely lacked the inspiration, motivation or talent but when Murray came along that all seemed to change.
I had hoped for “that call” earlier than I received it from Bradley. I had tried to get published about 10 times through traditional publishing houses, explored self-publishing and hybrid publishing but with no success. The thing with working with Shawline Publishing was that I had belief in my stories and I found someone with a similar belief.
I’d written for 20 years, mainly sporting articles for local newspapers, created websites, blogged and written for uni but never had enough faith in my own ability to write a book, let alone get it published.
“That call” changed all of that.
From pottering about and hoping for a break to getting one was amazing.
I had thought that break would never come. 
Not to the fabled JK Rowling extent where rejection was like breakfast before she got her feed of poached eggs with bacon, tomato and avocado and has been eat sturgeon eggs and truffles ever since, but the knowledge that to get a book deal you must have had a book deal weas frustrating to say the least.
It’s like an employer wanting a 15 year old experienced cardiothoracic surgeon with experience in plumbing, user experience and broadacre irrigation but is unwilling to employ them to develop these skills.
A backwards philosophy where experience is the be all and end all but there is no way to get that experience. Real chicken and egg stuff.
Hybrid publishing, through Shawline Publishing or Playtime Books allows freedom from the shackles of the big book deal, it allows people with a dream to follow it, get published, get support beyond words and it allows for “that call” to happen.
Since “that call” I have been able to practice marketing techniques, explore sales opportunities all over the world and update my Linkedin to say “author.”
It has given me a lease on life and a project to really sink my teeth into and as the countdown to Murray and the Seagull hitting the shelves draws ever closer, it has given my family an exciting topic of conversation and a sense of achievement with characters in the books (yes plural) named after my kids and those closest to me.
“That call”, if you haven’t received it yet is only a few digits away, be ready to accept it.

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