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The Importance of Networking as An Author
8 December 2021
20 May 2024
3.29 minutes

The Importance of Networking as an Author


Next to spinning a compelling story, networking is one of the most critical elements of being a successful author. When it comes to finding opportunities, perfecting your craft and marketing your book, having a network of like-minded creatives can do you wonders.

In this post, Shawline Publishing shares the benefits of author networking to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and get your name in front of readers and authors alike.

Finding New Opportunities

If there's an opportunity in Australia's publishing industry, an author will be the first to know about it. In a competitive and creative industry, who you know can get you far. Whether you're looking for an editor, publisher, book tour information, or someone's looking for an author to contribute to a project, your network can help you secure these opportunities.

Learning About Your Craft

Have you ever been staring at a manuscript or publisher submission for so long that the words start blending together? Who better to get you out of writer's block than a fellow author? Strategic author networking will help you establish mentoring relationships, and you can get great advice on your craft when you need it.

Encouraging Collaboration

Being a successful Australian author requires strategic book marketing and promotion before and after the book launch. How can you stay up to date on the latest book marketing trends?

Networking exposes you to relevant industry discussions, people and marketing opportunities. Perhaps one of the authors in your network needs help with a book tour, or maybe a few authors can band together and do a book giveaway on social media. When you have a strong author network, the potential for collaboration is endless.

Can Your Publisher Help?

One way to start building your author network is to find an Australian publisher that you'd love to work with and start reaching out to the authors there. After all, they already know what it takes to be a successful author in your target market.

Shawline Publishing is an Australian publisher currently accepting new submissions. Browse our current authors and blog posts to discover insider tips for networking, book marketing and bringing your book to life.

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