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Want Your Book Published? Don't Give Up
8 December 2021
24 May 2024
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How to Make Your Book Stand Out from the Competition

Don+39t give up

When it comes to getting published in Australia, there's a lot of competition. From the time you submit your book to publishers to conducting a successful launch day, you must have a unique story that can stand out at every opportunity.

A successful book starts with getting noticed by the right publisher. As one of the top Australian publishers, Shawline Publishing receives hundreds of submissions for new books every day. Here are three things you should consider when you submit your book to publishers. 

Your Book Has a Market

A publisher will always consider the target market for your book. You can have the best story in the world, but it won't get very far if you're unable to define who will read it. Make sure your writing style, tone, language and storyline all speak to a consistent market.

Your Storyline Has Depth

Every detail about your story should be well thought out in your submission. Most Australian publishers only read a few chapters of your book with your initial submission, so make sure there aren't any plot holes in the chapters you submit. Your plotline, characters, setting, conflict and climax should all be evident in your submission.

Your Book is Unique

Sure, many bestselling books stick to a similar plotline and pattern, but that doesn't mean they are exactly alike. Regarding uniqueness, you must strike a balance between leveraging what's trending in current best sellers and ensuring your story is not too similar. If your book is too unique, a publisher might fail to see the target market. If your book is not unique enough, a publisher will move on to the next submission.

Don't Give Up!

Getting published in Australia is no easy feat, but the worst thing you can do is get discouraged by the competition. If at first you don't succeed, revisit your submission to make sure it checks the boxes above, and try, try again. To learn more about submitting your story to Shawline Publishing, check out our website.

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