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Shawline Publishing
16 November 2021
24 May 2024
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What Are Australian Book Publishers Looking For?

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If you are interested in getting published in Australia, you've probably asked yourself what exactly are book publishers looking for in the next great novel.

Unfortunately, there's no secret formula to guarantee your story captivates Australian book publishers. However, there are several basic elements that every publisher considers when reviewing your manuscript.

Read on to discover what Shawline Publishing, one of the key publishers accepting submissions in Australia, looks for as we evaluate your manuscript.


Getting published in Australia means that the content, or the meat of your book, is compelling enough to stand out from the crowd. If your story is fiction, this means having an engaging plot and intriguing characters. For nonfiction, great content provides information that enhances the readers' lives.


For Australian publishers, finding the next great novel is a business just as much as a creative pursuit. As with any business, when a potential publisher reads through your manuscript, they are thinking about the target market. They may ask questions like:

  • Who will be interested in this topic? What are they like?

  • Where do the target readers buy books?

  • How large is this market?

Competitive Landscape

The next thing publishers consider is the competition for your story. Not only does the competition help determine the target market, but it also sheds light on your book's marketability.

A competitive book has similarities to bestsellers, but it is still unique enough to stand on its own. A publisher wants to see a story that does it better than the top sellers on the market.

You can save your publisher time by including a competitive analysis with your submission. Take a look at your top competitors and analyse key points including:

  • Title

  • Content

  • Quantity Sold

  • Artist Platform

  • Packaging, Design and Format

  • Price

Submit Your Story

Shawline Publishing is one of Australia's leading publishers accepting submissions for fiction and nonfiction works. If you're interested in getting published in Australia, make sure your story includes the essential elements listed above, and submit your story today.

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  • Morris De Judicibus says:
    I've had my first book published through one of the many Self-publishing organization and am just giving copies away to family and friends , i've just completed a second and i would prefer not to go down the same path again. A friend suggested i contact you this time. I'm not sure what to do next. Are you interested in looking at the manuscript? Regards Morris
    18/04/2022 13:23:12

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