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PLAYTIME BOOKS is an independent publishing arm of

Shawline Publishing Group Pty Ltd, Australia. 


We are dedicated to publishing quality picture & chapter books for children aged 2 to 18,

with first-rate literary and artistic content. 

Our aim is to capture children’s imagination and maintain their

interest with a thoughtful story. 


PLAYTIME BOOKS publish a rich and internationally appealing collection of the best Australian new authors who will grow in our country and around the globe.


All PLAYTIME books are sold through our sales agents and distributors here in Australia to everywhere around the world you can find great books.

These awesome new authors will have their new books available from Feb 2021 onward - stay tuned!!

K A Farrell


Julie Ingles

Jodi MacNish

Jessica Bedford

Gillian Wells

Fern Schreuder

Jarrod Jones

Vignesha Vishwanathan

Alistair Pirie

Mr Chipz

Luke Styles

Lauren Purdy

John Camillo

Dustin Perry

Steve Herron

Matilda Halfpenny

Chelsie Buckley

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