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Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun

By Philippa Kaye - ISBN: 9781922850553

RRP: $34.95

Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun
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Author Bio

Philippa (aka Pip) is a mother, educator and writer. She lives on the Central Coast with her lovely husband and three – often lovely – children. She has experience teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary settings and currently teaches secondary English and lectures at the University of Newcastle. Her great aunty was an Olympian, her dad invented Pavlova Magic and in her spare time she paints pictures on the wall. Her first published work, Jack’s Bike, featured in the Orbit April 2022 edition of The School Magazine. Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun is Pip’s first novel.

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Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun

By Philippa Kaye - ISBN: 9781922850553

RRP: $34.95

It’s 1984, hairstyles are big, skirts are short and Birdie Mealing is just a girl who wants to have fun… Until her uncle goes missing.

With a little help from her friends, Birdie, a talented musician turned amateur sleuth, is determined to find her uncle – the only father figure she has ever known.

Detective Herb Lawson has other ideas though and knows that Birdie, a magnet for trouble, should leave the serious investigation to him.

Fat chance, detective!

The deeper Birdie gets while solving the case of her uncle’s disappearance, the more she unravels a connection to a fatal explosion on the harbour… and the underworld kingpin who was jailed for it.

The closer she gets to the guarded but gorgeous Herb, the more she questions his motives… and her own identity.

Having fun yet, Birdie?

“A perfect combination of mystery and a sizzling romance, absolutely enthralling read! Birdie’s perspective was a joy to read… Amazing!” Josie, Indie Book reviewer

"What a fun nostalgic read that transported me back to the 80’s and hooked me with memories of my childhood - especially the incorporation of the snippets from Cleo (ahh my subscription growing up) dividing the chapters worked a charm - it really took you back to the era and went hand in hand with the next part of the story. Loved this! 

A mystery, detective story I was hooked - I devoured this book - I needed to have my questions answered right then and there! Where was Larry? Was he alive? Dead? Faked his kidnapping? What was Vinny’s connection to Birdies family? Who wrote the notes on the cards? What about Shelley? What happened really at that restaurant? and when ohh please when would Herb arrive at Birdies doorstep and we would have that spice again! (Woweee! things got spicy… and often!) 

Kaye intertwined her detective mystery with not only the intent to teach her readers of another era but also focused on how it was to live life as an indigenous person in the 80’s. Having attended workshops throughout my career as a school teacher I have had the opportunity to be inspired and in awe of an indigenous ex police officer who reminded me so very much of Herbs character. I instantly could recognise and relate to the turmoil this character oozed with his chosen occupation and that drive and need to want to be on country and support his family. Thank you for bringing this much needed topic for discussion to light in such a compassionate way. 

I am happy with this book. A great mystery within a mystery within a mystery. An easy read where almost all of your questions are answered by the end and a nice amount of unanswered to keep you guessing." ~ Aihmee Worsfold, Instagram book reviewer

"A wonderful read! Set in 1984 in Sydney when many big things were happening for Bridie Mealing is a normal 23 year old girl in Sydney, upcoming music artist obsessed with the stars of the shows back then. All changes when Vinny Varga, underworld figure is 10 years on his jail term, and her Uncle Larry goes missing. Now Birdie has gone Nancy Drew and working to find the stories behind what is happening. This is a great start to a series and intertwines Nancy Drew type books with Ms/Miss Fisher mysteries. There is now an added bit that the previous stories never had and have recognised Cultural things of Indigenous people stating the lands and people very nicely. Cannot wait to read more as they are published. 5 stars for sure." Tianne Shaw, online reviewer 


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