“This was not the path I had chosen. It was picked for me, and I was forced to walk down its narrow line. It is not something I will accept; it is not something I will submit to. I will fight it, and I will overcome it. What will you do?”


This place was familiar, in a way, somewhat recognisable but still as abnormal as it always was. The white tree in the middle of the lake glowed brightly, on one of the branches, sat a figure cloaked in darkness. The dark consumed and nullified the light. It was difficult to make out what it was, but it was monstrous. Large wings erupted from the back of the dark figure. A tail uncoiled itself and writhed between the branches. The dark figure scowled down at him. When it spoke, the very air seemed to quake and shiver with each word…


Rufin De Villiers is a passionate and intelligent writer who grew up on a small farm in the country with a canvas that was always vast and open to his every daydream. His head always filled with imaginary worlds, sometimes for fun, sometimes for escapism, always hoping to one day share them with readers and those who loved fantasy as much as he does. He has been writing stories ever since he could read, and has no plans to stop.


“An enlightening and unnerving thrill ride into the fantastical world of true imagination…A wonderful read to be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who loves dragons and mythical adventures…Tolkien would be a fan…” Jeremy, IndieBooks Reviewer.


Why you wrote this book - what were your inspirations?

I hoped this story might connect with people. With modern themes and issues, real characters who are imperfect in their own way. A few scenes were inspired by dreams.

How did you decide on the characters in the book would also be an interesting concept to include? (see also No 4 below)


In many ways, the characters started off with a name and idea, but ended up growing on their own.


What drew you to the subject matter or the characters? (For a non-fiction book, what research did you do to support the facts within your title)


I have always had a fascination with fantasy worlds and creatures. Having it mixed in with a ‘real-world’ setting has always been interesting.


What was the biggest challenge when writing the book?

Keeping a certain character likeable and silly, but just shy of obnoxious. Transposing what’s in my head onto paper…


Any interesting experiences you might’ve had during the research for the book, or while writing or publishing the book:

Some aspects of the book are nearly 10 years old. Moving country and growing up made me reevaluate large swaths of those parts.



The target market for your book. For whom did you write it and why?

Young adult and over. This particular story is centred around people and how they deal with what life throws at them.

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