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And it all started with a kiss in the school yard,

35 years ago…

Kara Ignition is based on an authentic story that flames this trilogy of books which describes in explicit detail, the polyamorous relationships, erotic pleasure, and love affairs most people only dare to indulge...

Greg Sheppard, for many years, searched for his childhood sweetheart, without success. Yet, years later, when on the brink of marrying the beautiful Tess Merchant, the long-lost first love, Kara, returns to his life with an unexpected connection. Kara, a divorcee in her late forties, sparked an ignition of an insatiable sexual appetite. What started as a 'once only' fun reunion, develops unexpectedly into a close friendship of passionate sex, fantasy, and an overwhelming desire for sexual exploration. Kara and Greg resolve to resist their pleasures and attempt to stay apart from one another as they each commit to a traditional, more "acceptable" lifestyle.

Greg's relationship with Tess Merchant, whom he adores and plans to marry, is heating, but he now finds the gorgeous Tess and the seductive Kara an incomprehensible realm of desire and conflicting emotion he struggles with.

For Greg and Kara, this hunger may devour both and destroy everything they once knew before they had met again…


This book contains prose that may arouse readers. Read with enjoyment.


“A read hotter than Fifty Shades…Loved the character of Kara and the sexting was exceptional… great read and looking forward to the next parts of this trilogy…5 stars.”  Cathy, IndieBooks Reviewer.

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RJ Horne is a refreshing new author in this realm of erotic literature and adult romance.

A South Australian with a professional background spanning education, entertainment and community development industries, RJ Horne writes for the pleasure of others, reminds us to indulge our fantasies whenever possible and that sex, love and intimacy are forever important parts of our lives and relationships.

This author describes how becoming a writer of erotic romantic fiction, effectively “happened by stealth.”  A researcher and experienced writer, the style and stories based on true life encounters are riveting and unique.

After having experienced the ignition of finding a long lost first love when approaching ‘middle age,’ and a subsequent interest to observe and note the largely ignored passions and sexual challenges of mature adults, RJ Horne found that people’s stories kept “bumping in.”  Thus, the passionate desire to write and share stories about people; their lives, loves and complex relationships which were mostly untold, became overwhelming.

As such these intoxicating stories were born…

Learn more at www.rjhorneauthor.com.au 

Who inspires you?  


Initially the serendipitous encounter with the real life people who became the basis of the  ‘Kara and Greg’ characters. Their story was completely modernist romance of our times, that discussion or books rarely touched upon. So, it was a brave and enlightening leap to seek out, listen and capture the stories of the people who live so quietly around us all, but who  dare “whisper” their own secret desires, fantasies, things that arouse them and share in  frank discussions about their relationships, love, sex and loss.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?


I don’t think you ever realise you want to a writer. as such. The ideas, story words one day just start spilling onto a page, and somehow you know they need to be gathered up, bound and shared with others. They asked me to write more and not to stop.

So, I suspect when I first started to write Kara’s story back in 2017- that was the moment.


How long does it take you to write a book?


In real time, with passion the first book took 18 months to write and eons after to edit and shape into something publishable! Three books in, it really does depends on how well you plan your time and other work commitments. How can you say how long it takes really? With multiple projects “on the go” at the same time and because every story scramble at the starting gates inside you. All the thoughts, characters, plot, and life commence all long before the words start falling onto the page….

Perhaps it takes a lifetime really.


What is your work schedule like when you're writing?


When you can’t be an author full time- it’s a 100%  of devoted attention every day, whenever there is a moment

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?


Capturing POV of both the men and women. Their emotions and thoughts from a real-life perspective. Telling stories of each character- separately, yet eventually connected into a rich connected tale.


How did you find the publishing process?


Harder than writing the stories! But a true learning process. Like anything new, learning each step and understanding the industry, requirements and specifications can be painstaking. But once you learn from mistakes and success- it is such an amazing feeling, simply knowing you’ve published a book and hopefully, just even one person whom you don’t know, has bought your book, got immersed in your story and it gives them some pleasure and an escape into some place new and exciting.


Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?


Every book comes from the heart. Then a tonne of research!


When did you write your first book and how old were you?


2017-2019 - old enough!


What do you like to do when you're not writing?


Who has spare time?  Love reading, cooking, music, travel, fine wine, entertaining, motorsports, film, dance, sport (Football, tennis, basketball,), gardening, home design. Nothing better than a quiet escape to remote beach for writing. And of course- sex!


What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

How the more you write- the better you become.

In our genre- when researching, the challenge is that you will never be able to tell who really enjoys or knows lots about the lifestyle. Learning that everyone is a mystery, and you can learn from!


Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

It’s quite incredible to hear how stimulating and arousing the story has been in so many different ways for each reader.  The constant that the  characters themselves resonated -even more than their sexual encounters, was reaffirming that Kara, Greg and Tess had each shone in their own way.


So many have completely loved, accepted and connected with the ‘hero’ in Greg Sheppard. It was how his character truly debunked the myth that a man in romance is simply a rouge. So far from the truth!  - he was a romantic and genuinely torn between two women - not the type cast male that may often happen in this genre. Has inspired some readers to have real discussions with their partner about fantasies, what each other really desire. This feedback was gold as it affirmed the whole intention of the story.

Do you like to create books for adults? Why?


Adults can relate to them. There are so many unspoken stories about real dilemmas about sexual and emotional connections between people and their partners that really happen. These type of stories for mature adults are not for mere titillation or secret pleasure- but more so to bring discussion to the surface and out of a stereotype or in an ‘underground’ culture. 


What do you think makes a good story?


Like any romance or first date. A great story makes a connection with a reader, finds a point in common, catches and affirms an emotion, interest, concept or belief and adds a touch of sexy intrigue or appetite for more.  A great romance inspires a kiss or a touch just waiting for you- the second you become one of the characters.

So, it gives pleasure.

 A story that takes them from their current spot, to a place they’d love to be-or fear or the unimaginable in this time. Takes a reader on a journey, gives permission to dream, fantasise, escape, look, learn and also challenges their thinking, belief and even inspires them to take action. That’s a great story. One that makes the reader want to tell someone about it for a start. Evokes a statement and a conversation and in turn provokes thought, reflection, and desire- if only to another, to buy the book themselves! But hopefully much more!


As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up? 

Be kind, be nice, help people and the best you could be.


What are your plans for your future book/s?

Write as many as possible!

What tips would you share with other new writers about your learning?

Make sure you know your stuff, - do heaps of research about what you write-  people can be very critical if the facts are wrong. *Don’t be overly influenced by the millions of online tips for writers.

If you feel it- write that first. Don’t be afraid to challenge anyone about the words, thoughts or messages you want to be captured in print.



What were your inspirations?


Meeting the real-life Kara Gilbert and Greg Sheppard. Their story was a precious real life encounter separated by decades that was unbelievable, but so very special and poignant.  Some of the text messages and exchanges within the story that are exactly as experienced by Kara as a divorced woman on her own, who had near 4 years without a connection to anyone- either sexually or emotionally. Dating, or contemplating any connection with someone new after decades is like “exposure to the unknown pet shop of piranhas” and had not even been considered in the ‘post extreme disaster, recovery stage” of her life. The impact that Kara had on the real-life Greg- was so profound, Enough to hold her memory and continue to look for her, despite falling deeply in love with others- was riveting.  It resonated and led me to the further research and discovery that the journey to find connections, take risks, deeply and honestly listen to yourself - your own needs and desires is so important for both men and women.


How did you decide on the characters in the book?

Because they exist. This stuff is real and happens every day. Telling their story, may help others contemplate their lives and desires- and be brave enough to act on their own needs and not be driven by

“what someone else might think”




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