We take care of all of your publishing requirements from eBook to POD and placing your book in the best sites and in the best retail stores worldwide, with local access to some of Australia’s major retailers as well as print-on-demand services. This means you can decide how many books you want to print and when. Your book will reach one million readers with no stress to you, only profitable returns.

Possibly the most overlooked and underappreciated part of the publication process is the work of the production department, which develops and designs the cover and interior of each book, along with coordinating the printing and binding of the finished products. Readers do in fact judge a book by its cover, and getting it right is something the largest publishers do extremely well.


Awareness of the production schedule for your book is important; knowing when each part of the design and layout process is coming helps you determine when it’s appropriate to ask any questions you might have—and to gently offer your own ideas while there’s still time for them to be taken into consideration. As long as you acknowledge your publisher’s control, you’re likely to find the house will be receptive to your input if it’s based on your keen sense of the market. Always make suggestions a few weeks in advance of the date the production schedule indicates each decision is being made. Don’t be overbearing and don’t be a pest. Make intelligent suggestions based on your knowledge of the need your book is filling in the marketplace, and you will be seen as an asset, not just another author looking to promote her own interests. Speak up too late, and there’s no turning back. Your publisher’s team is making all the decisions, remember; they bought the rights to your writing and can do what they want.