The exceptional sales team will make your book available worldwide and promote in print media, radio and online, with book launch and signings at Australia and New Zealand’s leading book retailers, as well as all Australian libraries. Your sales materials are looked after by our experienced team, highlighting the key sales points that readers and retailers are looking for.  Best of all, we also offer reviews to get your credibility established.

There are three major components to book marketing: advertising, promotion and publicity. Advertising includes paid placements of a book in print or other media. Promotion is the creation of anything that draws attention to a book, from corrugated floor and shelf displays in bookstores to bookmark and T-shirt giveaways. Publicity is the art of generating print and media pieces about an author and the book. The key to selling copies at a high sell-through (meaning people actually buy the books off the shelves) in today’s marketplace is to generate lots of publicity. The key to effective publicity is to focus on the area that will generate the most sales for your book.

Marketing is not something that starts or stops at any given time. Ideally, it’s an integral part of your writing career that begins long before you land a book deal and continues for as long as you call yourself a writer.

Successful marketing is all about creating the proper mixture of advertising, promotion and publicity within the assigned marketing budget to generate interest that results in sales. Don’t ask for things that are clearly outside the limits of your publisher’s budget. If something is missing from the plan and you offer to help, make sure you get your publisher’s approval, and be willing to work with each department to make it happen. Be prepared to partner with your publisher to promote your book, keeping them informed of your own efforts and listening carefully to their expertise so that together you can present a unified marketing plan. Publishers dislike authors going off on their own without consulting them or soliciting input. They also dislike authors who are singularly focused on the writing and want nothing to do with promotion. These are the two quickest ways to lose support, and you never, ever want your publisher to turn its back on your efforts.

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