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‚ÄčMELBOURNE - 1st August 2021 


Watch out Melbourne, the next big authors’ event is coming to you in August.


Located in the heart of the eastern suburbs, just 15 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD and conveniently located just off the eastern freeway, the contemporary and luxurious Manningham Hotel is the hosting venue for this wonderful event in Melbourne - the Independent Australian Authors’ Symposium on 1st August 2021 - sponsored by Shawline Publishing who would like to invite you along to meet fellow writers and peers and experience great new Australian authors talents and journeys.  The IAAS event will introduce you to a collective of stimulating minds and expert speakers from prominent industries associated with publishing, media and writing, and new exciting authors entering the marketplace for you to meet and greet and gain signed copies of unique new books by these amazing talents.

With lunch on offer, door prizes and giveaways along with great titles to select from, not to mention the opportunity to network with your peers and gain valuable assets of the industry exclusively, and right in the centre of your city, there’s much to gain from this personalised and fun-filled day. We ask you to share this experience and become part of the growing community of independent Australian authors.

Key Speakers

Our key speaker panel includes some of Melbourne's most prominent industry specialists to answer your questions and
share their years of experience and knowledge with you at this exclusive event:



Debbie Lee Ingram Content Group

Debbie Lee - Senior Manager, Ingram Content Group

Debbie Lee is Senior Manager, Content Acquisition and Business Development at Ingram Content Group. She works with publishers large and small across all market sectors, to assist with their print on demand, ebook and global distribution requirements. Debbie started her publishing career as a trade sales rep, promoting literature, children’s books, non-fiction, art and lifestyle titles to the retail market. Eventually she moved into educational publishing becoming an academic publisher before joining Ingram in 2014. Needless to say, Debbie loves books but when she’s not got her head in one she might be found wandering the neighbourhood with her beloved cat in a pram!

Lucy Hamilton - CEO Writers Victoria

Writers Victoria is Victoria’s largest and longest-running organisation for writers. We have the expertise and platform to support Victoria’s vibrant storytelling community, to ensure writers from all of Victoria’s diverse communities have the skills and support to succeed, and to advocate for support for writers and storytellers more broadly. Our mission is to support and connect writers at all stages of their development and/or career. We do this while adhering to our values of inclusion, community, participation, innovation and excellence, professionalism and respect.

Lucy Hamilton Writers Victoria

ABR Magazine

Peter Rose - CEO of Australian Book Review

Peter Rose has been publishing works by himself and other people since 1990. He is a poet, novelist, memoirist, critic and magazine editor. Since 2001 he has been Editor and CEO of Australian Book Review. Throughout the 1990s he was the academic, general and reference publisher at Oxford University Press Australia. Peter Rose is the author of six poetry collections. His family memoir, Rose Boys, won the 2003 National Biography Award and now appears as a Text Classic. He has published two novels, including Roddy Parr (2010) and has edited two poetry anthologies. For three decades Peter Rose has worked with thousands of authors and critics. His diverse and senior roles as a publisher and writer give him a unique perspective on the sector.

David Plunkett - Director of UBC Web Design

Our mission at UBC Digital is to use our expertise to guide businesses to take advantage of the digital online world. At UBC Digital we: build websites to make authors more credible and more profitable, create social media strategies to help you reach your readers, then build a system to help you engage with them. We want to make our customers feel that no matter what their background, running and updating a website is easy and something they can do. We want them to know that we consider ourselves their partners and can be a vital asset to their growth.

David Plunkett UBC Digital

ROOP Australia

Daniel Moreno - Manager of ROOP Australia

Daniel has more than 20 years working in health systems, holding a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) with a Masters of Pharmacovigilance, and a Master of Public health and a Master of Business Administration, Daniel is enthusiastic about contributing and optimizing the wellbeing of the communities through introduction health literacy in low socioeconomic families in Victoria. Daniel is the Program Manager of Reading Out of Poverty that running the first initiative in Geelong to reduce illiteracy in low socioeconomic families. In the last eight months, he has generated partnerships with maternal health nurses, hospitals, medical practitioners and education centres to provide literacy mentoring support to new parents to encourage their child’s love for reading. This period he has distributed around 2000 literacy starter packs. It contains children’s books, a parent booklet, a height chart, and a tote bag to always carry books with them.

Doug Bradby - Author/Historian

Since retiring as a history teacher, Doug has written 14 books. They range from books to engage students with the human story, to books that analyze the impact of gold mining on the community, and more recently, books to simply celebrate the life of the community of Ballarat. In total, about 15,000 copies have been sold, largely in Ballarat tourist venues and via his website, Doug has always found that if truth is not always stranger than fiction, it is always unpredictable, complex and fascinating. Humans, you can’t beat them for weirdness.

Doug Bradby

Brett McCallum Author

Brett McCallum - Author of "Kids Aren't Born @!*Holes"

As a teenager, Brett became one of the youngest bank managers in Australia. He retired at 31, only to start over again after a failed business venture. He is now a seasoned entrepreneur, corporate executive, IT consultant, podcaster and microeconomics expert. Throughout his life, despite being intensely focused on his career, he has also chosen to put family first and raise four beautiful, well-adjusted, polite children and just damn awesome little humans. After being congratulated by a Hawaiian waitress for having such polite and kind children, Brett McCallum, serial entrepreneur, CEO and Dad, sat down to ponder whether he was just ‘lucky’ that his children turned out so well, or was it the discipline and respect he and his wife showed to them that turned them into amazing little humans…This book is the culmination of that pondering and discusses the raft of influences that affect our children in both negative and positive ways during their day to day lives. With input from a school principal with over 30 years’ experience, a couple experiencing new parenthood, a single dad bringing up 3 kids on his own and a physiologist specialising in children’s behaviour, Brett aims to answer the age-old question – ‘are kid’s born @!*holes?’

Shelley Cass - Author of The Last Larnaeradee

Shelley Cass started as the embarrassed kid who needed more help than everyone else to learn to read. She still remembers the moment – the complete internal shift and awe-struck surprise – when she realised, she could make sense of it all and that entire new worlds had opened before her. As an awkward, gangly junior student, Shelley began to write her own worlds. While growing up, she always came back to her own story, where she confronted the frightening things that threaten the real world and explored the things that save it.

Shelley Cass




Our Authors

In addition to these great guest sepakers, Shawline Publishing Group will present a collective of new and talented authors who will be available to sign copies of their new released books and discuss their own writing and publishing experiences with readers on the day.

Along with doorprizes and showbags of goodies, this personal connection to the the authors and speakers is an invaluable experience for you
as our guests and we encourage you to benefit as much as possible from the events around this great land.


Author's on the day will include -

I+39m a boy oh yes I am K A Farrell, "I'm a Boy, Oh yes I am!" 
K A Farrell is an Australia based children's author, who grew up on the coast of Jervis Bay, but is now residing in Melbourne where she is a full-time mother to her daughter, and stepmother of two. K A Farrell is a former police officer who worked closely with children who needed to find their path in life. K A Farrell hopes to entertain her readers by empowering them with self-love and enough awareness to build resilience and respect from a young age. Her writing, although fun and positive, has a deeper undertone that she hopes will impact all age groups.
Jess Bedford Jess Bedford, "Fergus the Flamingo" 
Jess Bedford is a married mum of three small children. She is from Melbourne and on the rare occasions that she has any spare time she is a budding author. Jess is a youth worker currently working in the field of child protection. She is also studying for her social work degree part-time. Jess is extremely passionate about children finding their voice early on and standing up for what they believe in. Jess is a passionate advocate for the youth that she works with and hopes that her books can bring strength and courage to those children who feel as though they are different from the norm. She wants those children to be proud of who they are and to never be scared to want to stand out from the crowd.
Samantha Hampstead Samantha Hampstead, "Isabel and Chloe: The Journey Begins"
Even when she's writing, Sam is a loving, generous and caring mother, friend and wife. She is willingly give her time and support to anyone but she is also fierce when it comes to defending the family and friends she holds dear. She's a free spirit and when given the opportunity, thrives on perching proud at the back of a Harley, wind in her hair. A passionate new Australian author seeking readers who delve into sagas of history and mystery to share her stories with...are you one?
Ian Belshaw Ian Belshaw, "Wood for the Trees"

Ian Belshaw was born in Sydney, Australia. A long time songwriter, lyricist and musician, he has a deep fascination with language and a keen interest in Australian history. Ian currently lives in Melbourne with his partner Kristen and their cat Jinx. 'Wood For The Trees' is his first novel.

Chloe Chloe, "Splish Splash Splosh"
From rural Victoria, Chloe splits her time between her studies and reading as many books as possible. While still only young, Chloe believes in the importance of good stories that inspire a love of reading from a young age, and hopes to bring joy and laughter to story time for all the young readers in the world.
Phillip Boas Phillip Boas, "The Mind Travellers: Book One, Zed & Olaria"
Phillip Boas is a retired Individual and Group Psychotherapist and Executive Educator. His last job was as Director of Design and Learning Methods at Mt Eliza Executive Education Centre, Melbourne Business School's Executive Education Unit. Phill has run many hundreds of workshops from Shop Floor groups to Senior Executive Teams and Public Workshops on managing people relationships and creating effective working teams. He is a talented communicator. He has moved on to writing novels that reflect what he learned in his work building relationships with all kinds of people. What he has learned in managing complex individual and group relationships can be seen through his novels.
Kim Clayton Kim Clayton, "Slip on Through: Cielo Drive"

Kim Clayton is a History Teacher based in South Australia, or more accurately, a history fanatic based in the world. When he's not reading or researching for a book or story, he can be found spending time with his wife and two children... or watching the New England Patriots game whilst dreaming about a move to Boston US. There's probably building a Lego set or two in there somewhere also.

John Camillo John Camillo, "The Orphan and The Albatross"
A lifetime of observations and pondering the 'ineffable's' and the 'inscrutable's' finally led John Camillo to seek clarity through writing. While he is happy enough with the satisfaction of completing projects in fiction, poetry and drama, he is game enough to launch into the public domain and share the inspirations that have obsessed his mind along the way. Make of them what you will.
SB Postlewhite S B Postlewhite, "The Dumnonian Compass"
Born in Australia, Sharon moved to the UK at the age of six, where she was based until moving with her family back to Australia in 2008. Forging a love of fantasy literature and history from an early age, these elements have greatly influenced her own writing. Archaeology has been a major part of Sharon's life and her love of ancient culture and mythology can be felt in her story telling. Sharon adores her 'island life' that she now shares with her husband Andy and dog Rollo.
Fern Schreuder Fern Schreuder, "The Generals Log - Tales From the Lockdown" 
Fern lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her husband, children and Labrador, Jobe. Fern Schreuder is a Secondary School teacher and a mother to two small boys. She holds a Bachelor of Teaching and a Bachelor of Applied Science, specializing in Human Movement. The General's Log is her first book.
Anne A Gallo Anne A Gallo, "Gabriella: La Vita Mia"

Anne Gallo has had a very eventful life and varied professions. Always in the background has been her passion for creative writing. Leading her at one stage to motivate others to write, facilitating creative writing groups and workshops on how to write your life story. Not having the opportunity to an education in her earlier life Anne went on to become a mature age university student, whilst raising three children. Anne now balances her life as a lawyer and mediator and delves into her imaginary world to write fiction.

Maureen T Corrigan Maureen T Corrigan, "Walking & Wheeling Tales"

For many years, Dr Maureen Corrigan was a medical practitioner who worked in a broad range of healthcare roles, from general practitioner to hospital and health S service CEO. She retired early as a result of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). Maureen is now able to pursue her many other passions, including travel and writing, which has led her to say, 'I sometimes think getting MS was the best thing that happened to me'.

Vignesha Vishwanathan Vignesha Vishwanathan, "The World Beneath the Fine Print"

Vignesha Vishwanathan is currently a year 12 student, living in Melbourne, Australia with her parents. She loves mathematics and in her spare time, aside from writing, she enjoys learning about flags, collecting arguably useless trivia, and valiantly trying to beat her previous record for the memorization of Pi's digits.

Vignesha Vishwanathan Joy E. Rainey, "Spuds, Rabbits and Flour Bags"

The author, Joy Rainey grew up in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria. The bush was her playground shared with her two siblings. Growing up, Joy was encouraged to continue her creative expressions in painting, writing and music. She furthered her studies as an adult and was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship and University Bursary. She studied social work and psychology at the University of Melbourne, where Joy published a number of professional papers. The last thirty years have been spent in private practice as a psychologist. She has held seven solo art exhibitions and gained notable awards for her talents. A collector from way back, the author's interests include family stories, Australian plants, bantam poetry and objects of interest and beauty. She lives with her husband in the Ranges of Melbourne.

About the Venue

The Manningham has created an enviable reputation as a versatile function venue, specialising in all types of events.  Located in the heart of the eastern suburbs, just 15 minutes from Melbourne’s central business district and conveniently located just off the eastern freeway, the venue boasts over 300 car spaces onsite.  You’ll recognise The Manningham by the contemporary roman designed entrance, highlighted by a spectacular cascading waterfall and grand reception foyer. 
The event rooms are of a stunning modern design with floor to ceiling windows offering plenty of natural light.

1 Thompsons Rd
Bulleen, VIC, 3105

(03) 9850 2777


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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.


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