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Shawline Publishing is proud to announce the release of Beverly Hunt's debut novel SHE HAS MY HEART which will be available everywhere great books are sold in September 2020.

Will she choose her love for Annie over her children…?

The routine of a twenty-year marriage; habitual, predictable. Something’s missing. Something of her inner-self. Sophie feels disenchanted by life, wondering if this is all there is?

Annie enters the room; Sophie feels her eyes watching as the most beautiful woman she has ever seen moves elegantly through the display of artistic imagery in the gallery. She turns and eyes lock like hearts beating at a tethered line, hooked. Annie’s intense gaze beneath wild blonde hair draws Sophie to her; have met before? Or is it just so right to be wrong.

What is it about this woman? One glance, Sophie cannot stop thinking about her desire for the wild haired woman with intense eyes. Annie will open new world’s for Sophie. World’s where Sophie will go beyond anything imagined. An awakening will occur. A deep friendship will form that bridges one another’s souls as neither will expect, nor deny.

Sophie has never experienced love like this; being intimate with Annie creates new pleasures and desires of which she never knew she had longed for all her life.

Her past will be measured against the future as love grows between them and ultimate choices for happiness or despair will need to be chosen…

‘A marvellous and intimately moving tale of true love beyond gender and prejudice…the delicate narrative of women in love is beautifully sculptured through the story to bring us into the lives of the characters in such a way that all is simply natural and acceptable…5 stars…” Joanne, Indie Reviewer

Beverly started writing as a hobby whilst working as a nurse in NSW. She initially commenced writing a little story for family members, collecting stories from her parents. After researching her ancestry, she branched out into a short fiction piece. Whilst writing and developing the ideas, Beverly was approached by a woman on social media. They wrote and shared things together and became friends, after the stories were collected from the correspondence online, Beverly put a book together to the many scenes that the two women had written and shared. And the rest is history…


Why did you write this book and what were your inspirations?

It came about in a rather strange way. I had a profile going on Twitter which promoted everything lesbian you could say.

A woman then messaged me, telling me she was a straight erotic writer.

For some strange reason, that I still can’t explain, I started writing lesbian sex scenes to her.

Some scenes I wrote I had never, EVER, thought of, imagined, even dreamt about. I would re-read the scene once I had finished and was blown away by what I had written. I built a story around these scenes and it became the book.

How did you decide on the characters in the book? 


I wanted them to be opposites in looks.

One character being dark in hair colour, the other blonde and wild.

I also wanted a male character as well. Telling a story that blended in with the main story.


What drew you to the subject matter or the characters? 

I myself came out as a lesbian when I was 21.

However, a lot of my friends were in their 40’s when they started to question their sexuality.

These women had been married to men, nearly all had children,

so this is for the bravery of these women who faced reality and made a life changing decision.


What was the biggest challenge when writing the book?

Time. And believing in my own ability. Trying to make the scenes believable.


 For whom did you write it and why?

I am hoping it helps women who feel that they are the only ones who feel like Sophie felt.

Having feelings for women but afraid to act on it, or thinking they are too old to come out.

The women who have the fear that if they are honest with themselves and their friends and

family that they will lose those families and friends around them.

That they won’t be accepted.

Requests welcomed for further information about the author –

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