We've created everything you need in one place for lower cost than anything you will pay anywhere else. We've built an exclusive Promotional agency that assists writers and connects them to the market to sell more books.

Shawline Publishing Australia’s goal is to ensure that great books from emerging Australian authors, which haven't been picked up by the traditional publishing sector, get into the hands of local book lovers through our marketing channels and into Australian bookstores.

From publishing services that help create the book that you envision and marketing tools that bring together the essentials of a successful book marketing campaign, to book selling services that complete your publishing needs Shawline Publishing supports your dreams of literary success from start to finish.



Managing Partner

Bradley brings his connections and skills to the offering. He is a passionate writer himself and frustrated by aspects of the changing publishing process and believes every writer should write first and not be bogged in by sales and marketing processes that are expensive and time wasting to writers. He designed the agency using the hybrid model of collective authors contributing small amounts to the overall benefits of the groups marketing and promotional values, allowing for higher brand development for all authors. He likes to speak and work directly with every author towards the common goals desired for all. 



Steph is an experienced freelance writer, editor, and book reviewer. It’s her passion to help connect readers and authors to one another through the power of words. When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, Steph enjoys traveling and exploring the great outdoors.

She has worked as an editor and freelancer for years and brings a sense of knowing and understanding to her work and to your book's ultimate success. We are grateful to have her working with us.



Steve is a passionate freelance graphic designer with a strong publishing background. After relocating from the UK to Melbourne, he worked with Penguin Books as a designer in sales and marketing. Later, as a senior designer, he created books for such clients as Bryce Courtney, Stephanie Alexander and Disney. He has also designed for Hinkler Books, Five Mile Press, Random House and Fantastic Publishing.



Melinda has been working in the design industry for so many years now and was formally trained as a graphic designer back in 1986, when they used bromides! Melinda is graphic designer, mother of three, dog owner, swimmer, water polo player.


She has worked across digital agencies in London and Melbourne. Melinda has designed branding solutions,  designed posters, flyers, business cards, packaging & awesome book covers… the list goes on! 



Samantha has been a journalist, editor and digital producer for over a decade and loves the written word.

With the belief that everyone has a story to tell, Sam is keen to support dedicated authors to achieve their goal of sharing that story.


Passions include family history and finding those stories from the past. Other passions include her own family, gardening, photography, a mellow wine and a well-made coffee.


Managing Partner

Jodie has built businesses online with savvy media use and strategic planning to bring her love of social media and passion for business to the table. She is committed to the success of others by making sure all the books have a good exposure and profile online and off-line with organised book store promotions and launches to aid the new writers’ success.


She will be paramount to your online launch of books and the in-store events for promotional signings and gatherings. 

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